Is Cllr Dupre’s behaviour ‘a matter for himself’ or should he resign?

Town Councillors were invited to add their names to a letter calling for the resignation of Cllr Dupre. OnTheWight has details of who has signed it.

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Since last week’s revelations about the behaviour of Cllr Chris Dupre at a Sandown Town Council (STC) meeting, where a teenage volunteer was reduced to tears, STC members have been invited to put their name to a letter calling for his resignation.

News of Cllr Dupre’s behaviour was broken by OnTheWight on Tuesday and was the focus of the front page of the County Press last week. However, at least five Sandown Town Councillors say they won’t call for his resignation, and two didn’t even respond to the invitation.

Andre: Behaviour has “brought Town Council into disrepute”
Cllr Debbie Andre and Cllr Eric Lawson are the only councillors willing to put their names to the open letter which reads,

Following the events at the Sandown Town Council Meeting on Monday 26th February, the Councillors listed below hereby call for the immediate resignation of Councillor Chris Dupre from Sandown Town Council due to the unacceptable nature of his behaviour which we believe has brought the Town Council into disrepute.

Cllr Heather Humby told Cllr Andre that she would have put her name to the letter, but didn’t see the email in time.

Ward: Several councillors are “unduly stressed”
When asked to add his name to the letter, Cllr Ian Ward (an Isle of Wight councillor, Cabinet member for Transport and Chairman of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association, replied,

“I do not support such a letter, so please remove my name. This is a matter for Chris to decide.

“Several members feel they have been deliberately undermined and harassed personally over the last several months so are unduly stressed.”

Brading: Dupre’s behaviour “behaviour is not acceptable”
Although he believed the councillor’s behaviour was “not acceptable”, Cllr Paul Brading (who is also an Isle of Wight councillor and Cabinet member for Children’s Services), has also refused to put his name to the letter.

He said,

“Firstly I do not condone at all the outburst from Chris on Monday evening, and the abuse aimed at the public, and then fellow councillors.

“Provoked or not, this behaviour is not acceptable, even after the meeting had been effectively closed by the mayor.

“I think that Chris will be taking stock of his actions himself, which is his right to do so. Therefore after consideration I do not wish my name to be on this letter.”

Andre: Dupre won’t “have the decency to stand down”
Cllr Andre said,

“This is not the first time that Cllr Dupre’s behaviour has brought Sandown Town council into disrepute. Enough is enough.

“We know that Chris will not have the decency to stand down of his own accord and we owe it to our residents to ensure that all councillors uphold the code of conduct and maintain the highest standards of behaviour as befits public office.

“It’s my opinion that his position as a town councillor has become untenable.”

Won’t sign
The councillors who said definitively that they were unwilling to put their names to the letter calling for Cllr Dupre’s resignation were:

  • Deputy Mayor, Cllr Gary Young
  • Cllr Paul Brading
  • Cllr Connie Cowley
  • Cllr Jacquie Mereweather
  • Cllr Ian Ward

Cllr Andre told OnTheWight she did not receive a response from either the Mayor, Cllr Raj Patel, nor Cllr Ronnie Teasdale.

Previous behaviour
This is not the first time that Cllr Dupre’s behaviour has drawn attention from the public and media.

In 2016 he was forced to apologise for making homophobic comments after saying at a Sandown Town Council meeting,

“What we need is attendants to stop paedophiles, homosexuals, pigeons and all sorts going on in there.”

Town meeting
The subject is likely to be raised at the public town meeting called by residents for this coming Friday 9th March.

It takes place at The Bay primary school from 7pm. Residents are urged to attend to have their say about the events that have led to a 74% council tax precept increase.

Image: kmdoncaster under CC BY 2.0

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Email updates?

Thinking about it, a question we all have a right know who are involved in the 74% hike scandal, Who messed up the VAT figures so it got kicked over on us to reimburse. The person/persons responsible should resign as well.


A classic example, (if ever there was one) of just how ‘political’ Town + Parish Councils really are!
This Councillor is an absolute disgrace + does not deserve to be a member of Sundown Town Council.
No ifs, no buts, get rid of him. He certainly doesn’t represent the residents of Sandown with his arrogance + temper.


Of course he must resign.
Cllr Dupres was voted by residents to represent their views.
If the residents believe that he acted in their best interests- then fine.

The fact that 6 councillors are unwilling to sign this letter or at least publically condemn councillor Dupre’s behaviour says a lot. At best they don’t care what their electorate think of them as they are untouchable until the next election or they think his behaviour is acceptable …theirs no grey area here. Councillor Ward weasel words are priceless. Perhaps if the town council hadn’t ; A.… Read more »
The WHOLE of the town councillors are a disgrace to even suggest that the local residents of Sandown should be ripped off and victimized into paying A hike of 74% more council tax while everyone else will pay a rise of just 5.99% just because someone messed up the VAT sums. Why should we cop the bill for someone elses cock up. This hike has got to… Read more »
Luisa Hillard
Sadly gravdub4 you and those who liked you post don’t seem to quite understand the situation. What you need to understand is that your ‘Council Tax’ is made up of several sub payments, such as Police, Isle of Wight Council and Precept. You will find that all three parts are going up by various percentages. Your Isle of Wight Council part will be going up 5.99% the… Read more »
I do not believe it

Good grief! We have quite enough 5th rate Councillors on this island!
Dupre is evidently not just a 5th rate Councillor but also regularly displays the worst sort of unfortunate thuggish behaviour.
Should he not be placed in a more suitable rôle? Perhaps being a ‘bouncer’ in a dodgy island nightspot or sitting alongside Madame Guillotine perhaps furiously knitting?

There must surely be only two legitimate courses of action over this; A formal complaint and disciplinary hearing for breach of the councils code of conduct or A discussion between Cllr. Dupre and his ward voters about the incident and whether they still wish him to represent them Any attempt by those personally or politically opposed to Cllr. Dupre to railroad other councillors into coercing his departure… Read more »

But entirely reasonable that other councillors should make public their abhorrence and dissociate themselves from such behaviour?

Matt Edmunds

“Coercing his departure?” Odd choice of phrase. I should think it’s quite right for all other right-minded councillors to apply the maximum possible pressure for him to resign.

Luisa Hillard

Even the Councillor who considers Donald Trump to be a ‘left-wing liberal’ thought the behaviour was out of order, although he refused to put his name to shaming one of his own.

How can we taxpayers legally opt out of paying the precept to Sandown Town Council? I realise that if we all follow this road there will be no grants and a lack of services but, let’s face it, Sandown is already a b****y disgrace. There was a time when there were no empty shops id the town – not so now. Hotels are shabby. Some have closed.… Read more »