Share your Red Funnel stories with Lift The Lid artist, Dmitri Galitzine

Be part of something special and share your stories of crossing the Solent with Red Funnel. Head to the Classic Boat Museum today and participate in ‘Lifting The Lid on Island Culture’.

lift the lid launch at hullabaloo

Today (Friday) brings with it a chance to participate in a video artwork as part of the major Isle of Wight public art commissioning project, ‘Lift the Lid on Island Culture’.

Project organisers are working with in partnership with the brilliant Classic Boat Museum, and artist, Dmitri Galitzine’s focus is on Red Funnel and the daily travel which occurs ‘Back and Forth, and Back and Forth Again’.

Dmitri is hoping to speak to anyone who relies on Red Funnel to go to work or visiting mainland hospitals, hear from people who may have met on the ferry, retired crew or staff or even people who refuse to take it all together!

He’d love to hear from anyone involved in boating, sailing or shipbuilding, local history or active members of the community, shopkeepers – anyone who likes a good chat about what it means to live on a Island – gatekeepers, smugglers or stowaways!

Pop along today
Dmitri will be at The Classic Boat Museum from midday until 5ish today (Friday). Do pop down and have a chat if you’d like to meet him and be involved.

Note the floating bridge is out of action today, but a passenger launch is in place.

Alternatively you can email him on

Head over to the Lift the Lid Website for more information.

Friday, 3rd May, 2019 9:15am



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Email updates?

Do they want “They charged me £160 for a ferry which was delayed 2 hours. They didn’t even staff the cafe in East Cowes to get a drink. When we were on, there was nowhere to sit down with two small children and we felt herded like cattle”.

That kind of thing?


It’s not always their fault, but a little more contrition when it is would go a long way.

They should be prepared for the fact that things do (occasionally) go wrong, and be prepared to assist those most affected.

Steve Goodman
One easy way to ‘lift the lid on Island culture’ and ‘what it means to live here’, is simply to look at OTW news and views. For example, a search for something focusing on the recent record of Red Funnel’s needless selfish greedy adverse effects on the daily lives and travel of it’s former neighbours previously happily housed or working in precious skilled and other jobs destroyed… Read more »