Stewart Blackmore: Labour Party election launch video and audio

Labour candidate Stewart Blackmore says he has already spent nine months talking to tens of thousands of Islanders and intends to try his very best to remove what he calls “one of the most right wing MPs from Westminster”.

Stewart Blackmore

Stewart Blackmore, the Isle of Wight Labour Party prospective parliamentary candidate yesterday launched his 2015 election campaign.

The launch took place in the Green Room of the newly refurbished Ventnor Enterprise Centre (otherwise known as the Coastal Centre, Salisbury Gardens). It was great to see all the credible media outlets making the effort to travel down to Ventnor for the event.

As we have with the Conservative and Green Party launches, OnTheWight filmed the event.

Audio of full event
If you want to listen to the full event, the audio of the presentation and the questions that followed are available to be listened to below

The video
The launch was filmed on a handheld device, so please excuse the initial wobbliness.

Thursday, 29th January, 2015 2:51pm



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Dismissive, sleight of hand, very little on policies or explanation = need to do better.

Does this present itself as the real opposition?


What is the Labour view on fracking?


we found two more planets like earth to exploit for fossil fuel enabling us to build bigger motorways and invite more cars from the mainland with a fixed link to the Isle of Wight …..

Stewart Blackmore

Milly, you may know that Andrew Turner voted in favour of fracking generally this week, although Mr Turner voted for the Labour amendment to ban fracking under AONB and other designated sites which George Osborne, David Cameron & Eric Pickles voted against.

I am myself opposed to fracking on the Island because of the geology here


Very Good Stewart but what about the General principle on Fracking?

Stewart Blackmore

@Mat In general I am anti-fracking and I don’t think that my position is likely to change. Once the gas is extracted, that’s it – it’s gone. My position is that we should be concentrating on green, clean sustainable energy and not going back to fossil fuels.


“Once the gas is extracted, that’s it – it’s gone”

The gas might be gone but the wells, pipework, residual water and fracking chemicals remain. Eventually the concrete with which they are constructed decays, releasing the residues into the environment.

A toxic legacy for our children and grandchildren!


That’s mostly true, only that gas will again rebuild, albeit slowly, back up again into the fissures and cavities.

As you seam so vehemently against it, one can only wonder why you consider AT worthy of your vote, based mostly on the fact that he’s local, yet nonetheless he votes *for* such things.

@PL For me, each of the candidates has some kind of fault either in ideology, potential capability or general experience of the world and thus is an unknown. As there is not a “None of the Above” choice and rather than not vote at all- which I think is socially irresponsible- being left-of-centre ideologically, I vote for a known local entity, while holding my nose against the… Read more »

Hi Stuart, please could you expand on this, what is it about the geology that causes you to oppose it?



Labour doesn’t want any poisoning from fracking on beauty spots…

Mark Francis

What is your opinion on state schools being run by religious organisations?


What is the Labour Party position on Academies?

Stewart Blackmore
@Mark Francis As there is presently a wide network of Church schools it does seem unfair not to allow other faiths to have schools but Labour has been concerned at the social divisiveness that this might create and is opposed to selection purely on the grounds of faith. There is, of course, limited control of independent schools. In addition, I would make that the points that:- 1.… Read more »
Mark Francis
The number of schools controlled by other religions (none on the IoW) is negligible in comparison with the number – a third of primary schools – controlled by the Anglican & Roman Catholic churches. Not only do they continue to discriminate on pupils admission – despite a resolution by the General Synod (apparently this has nom enforceability & is utterly ignored) they also openly discriminate in recruitment… Read more »

Good points MF.

Stewart Blackmore

@mat, see my reply to Mark.


Stewart, I think you consider your answers a little more.

Tony Blair was the prime-mover on Academies for “New Labour”, but this position is still supported from the top. Can say whether you are in favour of Academies or whether education should be returned to the Public sector.


Stewart, What is your position on ‘Austerity’?

@Cicero. I accept your comment at face value, but surely even you can see that it’s basically a statement of contradiction. I fail to see how one can espouse being left-of-centre ideologically and socially responsible, only to vote for antisocial policies, which are known, by proxy. You could always stand yourself if you believe none of the others to have the required attributes, but I’d not go… Read more »
@PL My decision tree goes like this: Is any of the candidates outstanding?- no. § § Has any of the candidates impressed me with their ideologies, understanding of the current national and local problems, presence and powers of persuasion?- no. § § Is a “None of the Above” vote available- no § § Should I vote?- yes § § Who is the least worst of the candidates=… Read more »

Oh dear! Maybe honesty is *not* the best policy in political discussions?



What is your opinion of the new Bob Dylan CD out next, where the ex spokesman for a generation and left wing radical now seems to be performing Frank Sinatra covers. sell out or what?

Stewart Blackmore


Don Smith

Free swimming for the OAP [As was once promised by the Tory Party]. Many councils on the mainland provide this very sensible service/privilege.

Swim! Get the OAP out of the home, exercise and live longer; more room in the hospitals –

Do away with trident and pay for Uni. fees.
If you want the votes…Be bold.

Mark Francis

Should all the police have tasers?

Stewart Blackmore