The Guardian Recommends VentnorBlog On Twitter

We’re really honoured that one of the editors at The Guardian recommends us.

Wow – how special do we feel?

Charles Arthur, Technology editor at The Guardian, has picked little old VentnorBlog as a one to watch on Twitter, labelling us as “Isle of Wight superlocalism*.”

We’re not alone in having huge respect for the Guardian – they really do understand online media – as their recently released Web viewing figures show – 27 million unique monthly users, making them the number one UK news Web site.

You can of course follow us on Twitter too, to stay on top of all of the latest things happening on the Island.

The Guardian Highlights VentnorBlog

* (superlocalism defined: Reporting news about a specific area, to the exclusion of wider news. Much like hyperlocalism)

Friday, 22nd May, 2009 4:47pm



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11 Comments on "The Guardian Recommends VentnorBlog On Twitter"

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David George

Well done, and thanks for all the hard work,

David & Jill

Debby Robinson

You so deserve this and much, much more!


Nice one V.B! Thanks for your great coverage. :)


congratulations and BTW :

allegedly, according to some commentators, the guardian would like to start charging for some of its content (e.g. the media and education supplements).

other newspapers/magazines are contemplating the prospect too but are unsure whether the public will pay!!

let’s hope ventnor blog never travels down that road! :)



Absolutely not. Next thing the VB will imagine they can charge us for their daily hard work and skill creating the blog and providing a public voice for the likes of you and I. Whatever next!


BTW – You’ll find the subscription link at the top of this page. You may want to take advantage of it and show your support for the VB the way it counts.


want and will are two separate categories.

i haven’t got any money otherwise i’d gladly bestow munificent gifts upon the blog!


a chance for the secretive and powerful island figures behind the blog to let their voices be heard : on today’s `you and yours`- dealing with british holiday destinations.

include your phone number if you’re emailing and want the chance to talk live on air.

Is the British holiday value for money?

Live at 12pm


“hyperlocal” seems to be gaining traction.

i’d never heard the word until simon mentioned it above.

here it is again :

…newsrooms-with-caffeine produce digital news for communities of 10,000 households and weekly newspapers for slightly larger readerships.

It is a bold experiment, known in the jargon as “hyperlocal” publishing…

Journalists cross a new frontier


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