4.99 per cent council tax rise confirmed as Isle of Wight council vote through budget

A range of alternative budgets were put forward, only one of which proposed only a 1.99 per cent council tax rise. Details within

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At tonight’s (Wednesday) Isle of Wight council budget meeting, after hearing the presentations from the ruling Conservatives, Independent Labour, Liberal Democrats and Island Independents, members voted on proposals for next year’s budget.

All alternative budgets were debated and voted on as follows:

LibDem amendment
Yes – 10 – Opposition Cllrs
No – 26 – All Conservative Cllrs, plus Cllrs Brodie (Ind Lab), Stephens (Ind Mem Grp), Murwill (Ind) and Perks (Ind)
Abstain – 2 – Cllrs Jones-Evans (Ind) and Love (Ind)
Motion fell

Ind Labour amendment
Yes – 16 – Opposition Cllrs and Cllr Price (Con)
No – 21 – All Conservative Cllrs plus Cllr Fuller (Island Indie)
Abstain – 1 Kilpatrick (Con)
Motion fell

Island Indie amendment
Yes – 11- Opposition Cllrs
No – 26 – All Conservative Cllrs plus Cllrs Brodie, Stephens, Murwill and Perks
Abstain – 1 – Cllrs Jones-Evans (Ind)
Motion fell

Conservative vote
Yes – 24 All Conservative Cllrs, plus Cllrs Murwill and Perks
No – 14 – Opposition
Ab – 0
Motion passed

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Wednesday, 24th February, 2021 8:29pm


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11 Comments on "4.99 per cent council tax rise confirmed as Isle of Wight council vote through budget"

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What a total disgrace these 24 Conservative Councillors are to the island community. I very much hope we can cleanse the island of these vermin in our forthcoming May Council Election.


Hardly a surprise. Dave Stewart is an ex-copper who now leads a band of daylight robbers.

Angela Hewitt
I just cannot see how the Conservatives can be got rid of. They always get a good majority. It’s a sad fact that most people are not interested in politics, but they do know that the Conservatives are for the rich and those that vote dream that one day they will be rich. It’s akin to the “American Dream”. I know a lot of people who vote… Read more »
Ventnor. Both of ‘your’ councillors voted for this. Gary Peace ( Tory ) the man who bullied the local Post Office via Facebook and wants the Undercliff road to remain closed for the quiet life in St Lawrence. Graham Perks ( Independent this week apparently ) who sadly seems to have taken the money and done nothing for the past several years. If you are a real… Read more »

The simple truth is, it’s time for a bl**dy big clear-out of ALL the current IW Councillors in May.

Let’s get some new blood in, it certainly can’t be any worse than the present lot we have in office.

Geoff Brodie
Every Tory voted in favour of the 4.99% though to be entirely fair to Cllr Matt Price (Fairlee & Whippingham) he first voted for my defeated attempt to get a 1.99% increase. Also the two former and estranged Tories Cllrs Murwill (Bembridge) and Perks (Ventnor & St Lawrence) voted in favour. Only Cllr Ian Stephens (Ryde West) and I (Pan & Barton) consistently voted against the 4.99%… Read more »

I’m quite disappointed by Paul Fuller’s actions. I’ve supported him before, but might reconsider that now.


I agree, I too am very disappointed in Paul Fuller. I’ve noticed on some of the really big important issues he sits on the fence.


He still voted with his party (as they are told to do) when it came to the vote Geoff!
You need to be sneakily callous to be a Conservative, hard nosed and not give a dam about anyone less fortunate than yourself.
Don’t be fooled, there is an election coming up and I suspect he was counting the Xs in the box rather than showing you support!


I think the term you are looking for, for someone who rejects the 4.99% but then doesn’t vote for the 1.99% is, ‘snake in the grass’


How can people be allowed to abstain on votes like these?
You are either for it or against it.