Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart (Robsten) Spotted in Ventnor: Updated (photos)

Blimey celebs in Ventnor tonight

We all know that the Isle of Wight is ‘the’ place to be on New Year’s Eve and Ventnor is no exception.

Twilight Stars Spotted in Ventnor: Updated (photos)So it’s no surprise to hear from friend and reader of VB, Norbie, that Twilight (blockbuster vampire films) stars Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart have been spotted in our dear town, Ventnor.

Charlotte Stockdale gave us the first heads-up at about 1pm this afternoon asking “is it true Robert Pattinson is on the IOW?” on Twitter.

It’s anyone’s guess of where they’re heading tonight, but if you’re venturing out, don’t forget to take some garlic … and a camera to send us a photo.

A friend of the girl in the pics who was asked to post these shots to Twilight fansites has given us permission to use them here, so many thanks to the fan in the photos who did well to spot the actors, for letting us use them here.

Twilight Stars Spotted in Ventnor: Updated (photos)

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Thursday, 31st December, 2009 7:43pm



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  1. They’re probably going to that event at Ventnor Winter Gardens!

  2. teamjasmett

    1.Jan.2010 1:38am

    They are on the Isle of Wight, visiting family. I had met the cast last month in london when i won tickets to the new moon premiere, but I just wish that no one will over crowd them.

    As many other fans, I know that they like their privacy and i want them to come down here more often to get away from all the hype.

    if you managed to see him please dont scream :)

  3. if that’s true good for them!!

  4. I’d love to catch a glimpse, just to see if he’s really that good looking!!! It’s nice they chose the IW as somewhere to spend new years.

  5. Does rob have family in Ventnor??who?and what is that event in Ventnor Gardens?I,m so happy they are together and I hope that people live their privacity they deserve it

  6. alex, mowi, louise, georgia

    1.Jan.2010 8:05pm

    we saw them! They were outside scummers (sommerfield) :L

  7. how exciting to see the pictures! glad they are together. happy new year from canada.

  8. OMG!! HNY to all!! When was this pic taken???Can anyone post links from the original source or owner??Can someone confirm if this is in ventor??
    So Robsten is real or they are still so super gooooooooooood friends???

  9. so they’re together

  10. I met Rob on the fastcat on Weds :) very sweet.

  11. I’m a huge Robsten fan, and am so thrilled they have spent the holidays together. Its also great if you see or meet them along the way. However, I think most Robsten fans would rather their location not be disclosed. The pappz and/or “crazed” fans will invade in no time. Give them some much needed space.

  12. Happy Robsten New Year!!!!

  13. Minky_4_robsten

    2.Jan.2010 7:58am

    Yes it is in Ventnor Somerfield supermarket if u look for the store at IOW you can c the pic it’s the same store. This really made my day. Seeing something about them. Great job 4 hiding from paps.

  14. woow
    photos will be real?

  15. Happy New Year. It’s made my day.

  16. When were these pics taken? Are they still here? X

  17. Happy for both and hope they enjoy their holidays together. What a start for the New Year and a Statement at that! It’s amazing there’s no paps around. Can understand the “Boxing Day” event being an Aussie.

  18. ”It’s amazing there’s no paps around”

    I am around on the Island, but I was sat down in front of the TV – I was not planning to go anywhere on New Years Eve lol

    Mainland press agencies were all closed up for Xmas/NY anyway, so would have been hard to get some images circulated in a reasonable time.

  19. So glad to see the people on the IOW have some class and are not hounding them, kudos to all of you who have seen them and haven’t crowded them!!

    Happy New Year from Canada!

  20. mark francis

    3.Jan.2010 10:24am

    Who are these people? Are they local? Do they covet the precious things?

  21. They are Hollywood actors/actresses. Starred in Harry Potter, Twilight etc.

    Not local at all, however it appears their family are.

  22. regards from valencia venezuela! hny this news is SO exciting!!!!!! i dont know why but i do really like them together!!!

  23. it’s been days… Are they still there? or Did anybody see them lately somewhere around iow ?

  24. i know they were with a group of people, does anyone who saw them tell me who, like was it rob’s sister, their mum oh i don’t know tom sturridge he’s cute hehe

  25. That girl should have never posted those photos. She should have kept them private for herself.

    For all the people talking about or caring about giving them “privacy”, this picture sure destroyed any chance of them getting any. Now people are looking for them.

    I wouldn’t blame them for not taking another pic with a fan ever again. Nothing is private anymore, and the paps will hunt them down. It doesn’t matter how small your site is. If you meet them, don’t post their photos or whereabouts.

  26. I can’t tell u why but I also want the 2 of them to be together. They got me with the first kiss in Bella’s bedroom. I loved the picture of them holding hands in Paris on the tarmac. I am so glad they were able to have some private time. All of your comments have been so kind. Regards from Va, USA.

  27. I agree, the photos should not have been posted – they let those photos be taken for the enjoyment of a fan, not to create a frenzy. if you are a Robsten fan, then let them have a bit of peace alone. This is tHEIR time off, let them enjoy it. Good for them, I hope they’re happy, regardless. Please, people, don’t scream. have a little class.

  28. @ Clare Comment #4 Clare says:
    “1, January 2010 (4 days ago) at 4:06 pm
    I’d love to catch a glimpse, just to see if he’s really that good looking!!! It’s nice they chose the IW as somewhere to spend new years.”

    Just an FYI… upclose….he is THAT GOOD LOOKING… ;)


  30. kristen stewart looked plain-faced? I think she looks lovely not ugly at all

  31. Lynn Moore

    6.Jan.2010 5:38am

    How awesome!

    They look so happy. :) I know someone who ran into them in the area and they said they saw them on the streets but they looked couple-ly. There was physical contact and hand holding along with some arms around each other.

    Pretty exciting stuff!

  32. fluffgirl

    6.Jan.2010 6:01am

    those photo are not the isle of white ..the only one that is real is the one with kristen ,,the other one is photoshop..2 different pictures in 2 different country ..kristen’s hair is now shorter and black ..i think that was taken in vancouver last year…you people are so easy to fool that not wonder so many gossip magazine are you actually believe everything you read those people are out to make money nothing else .. all pictures have different algorithm ,,and fake are easy to detect …

    • No they’re not on the isle of white, they’re taken on the isle of wight! And yes they most definitely are. Both pictures are clearly recognisable as being in Ventnor and there were lots of other people around when the pics were taken.

    • Well I beg to differ with Fluffgirl, my brother in law is from England SouthHamptons which is where Rob’s family lives which isn’t too far away from IOW! He went there many times growing up, said it has changed a lot over the years but that’s definately it. And the picture of Kristen shows she does have short black hair,not brown, not long hello look closer. And when they were filming New Moon in Vancouver it was summer they didn’t need those jackets, if you look at behind the scenes footage filming you see them in no more than long sleeve shirts and lightweight jackets at night. The IOW is freezing this time of yr. plus there festival started on new years and they were doing a vampire theme with some bands that Rob & Kristen like.

  33. On the one hand I am really happy to at last have PROOF that they are a couple etc as I think they are both so sweet together, on the other hand, however, I think that considering they do not want the press to destroy their relationship and are trying to keep it ‘private’, not to mention that they were in a private holiday, perhaps the fan who took the photos shouldn’t have posted them. What’s going to happen now is that they are no longer going to pose for fan photos and then people are going to start complaining that they are rude. It’s the typical ‘give them a hand and they take your arm’ situation, no?


  35. They still around? Its all so exciting!!!

    IOW tourist board slogan for next year:


  36. I bet they hate that kid. lol.

    no i’m really happy, hope they are togther :D

  37. glad to see KStew and RPattz together in New Years Eve. what a good sign to start 2010. well,i hope in this so-called relationship will end up in marriage or else they might end up saying “i am single…again”.

  38. Where can you find the girls blog? :o

  39. Um… really she shouldn’t of posted these pictures on here, Kristen & Robert would of saw them and left Ventnor, so theres no point of the paps trying to hunt them, leave them alove, i mean i love Robert, and i idolise Kristen, and i think there good together, but maybe you should i dont know .. GIVE THEM A BREAK FROM ALL THIS RUMOURED ROMANCE! so what if there dating ! ? theres other celebrities that are engaged and dating eachother .. e.g. Russel Brand & Katy Perry are engaged .. why dont you rumour about them eh? leave Rob & Kristen alone, your acting like bullies you idiotic paparazzi. Robert <3

  40. If they REALLY want to be anonymous – they should come to the ISLE OF SHEPPEY !!!!!!! nowt but sheep here – hence name. We would love to see them both and buy them a cuppa tea to warm up !!
    love E & T xxxxxxxxx

  41. Russel Brand and Katy Perry?? no one is interested in them, people are much more interested in A list stars, and something that is real (you would have to be blind not to see the Rob/Kristen connection!) R.B. and Miss K.P. are only in it for the publicity, I would put money on it, just wait and see……. Rob and Kristen are 100% real, you would have to be blind not to see it, anyone thats ever been in love can see it, I remember what it was like ………..

  42. what Russel Brand and Katy Perry?? no one is interested in them, people are interested in A list stars and something that is real (you would have to be blind not to see the Rob/Kristen connection). R.B. and Miss K.P. are not real, they are both in it for the publicity, believe me, Rob and Kristen are 100% real, anyone that has ever been in love knows and can see it a mile away………

    • all i’m saying is … kristen and robert need some privacy, i mean c’mon, would you like this attentio and rumours? put yourself in their shoes, yes they are dating all the evidence is there, e.g. the way they look at each other, they always stroke there hair back when there with eachother, more chemisty then theres supposed to be in twilight saga, pictures of them holding hands on internet. They have to hide there relationship because summit entertainment says; ‘it would ruin the saga’ .. just play along until the saga is over, and then they’d probably announce there dating, and won’t keep it private anymore, although at this rate, its public, so they have to deny any rumours .. i wish they’d just tell the truth, robert says he always tells the truth, accept kristen asks him to hide it for a while. Free Robsten <3

  43. I feel bad for them. No privacy at all. That must really be horrible! I really don’t care if they are together or not. And I think them hiding it only makes people want to care more. They should just say it and be over it already. Or not (again…i couldn’t care less!). It is nice to see the pics and know the are out having fun…but I’m with the others – i wouldn’ve never posted my pics.
    Further, Rob seems like a nice, talented, funny guy. I’m not too into Kristen, only because I don’t think she ever has much to say for herself…a bit quiet and awkward. But…whatever.
    I wish them the best of luck, success, health, and happiness in 2010! I’m sure it will be another good year for them. :)

  44. i know what u r talking about but …… point denying it, its plain to see, again you got to be blind not to see it,it kills me being a big Rob fan, but come on, u know if u have ever been in love, that look, it’s a killer, weak at the knees look ……….i think u are right,they will let the ‘saga’ continue, then boom …..they are in love, or setting up a love nest in L.A. ………………….

    • The thing is….if they even are together – it’s a “Hollywood” relationship. And they are young. I hate to say (because I like to wish the best for everyone) but it won’t last. They should have fun with it now. :) I’m sure filming the movies right after one another has put them into close proximity and the same social circles…which only makes sense to start dating, etc. It happens all the time with actors/actresses filming same movies. But – very few last any length of time. So I think they should GO FOR IT! :)

  45. i think rob an kristen should be together they r gd togther and i love them both there so cool but they should get back togther they make a good cople they r both so butful a belong together i love rob and love kristen but rob more lol but get back 2gether i would love to spend a day with the whole twilight an newmoon cast that would be so cool lve the films so awsame

  46. Luck B***h !!!
    if tht were me i woudld probs faint !!!
    how lucky !!!
    now i ave gt 2 run into him with his shrirt off !!

  47. Yatie Iman

    13.Jan.2010 2:18pm

    I’m so exciting!!!!!! i really like them together!!! romance and loving couple..and caring (as in the movie… twilight)

  48. Yatie Iman

    13.Jan.2010 2:19pm

    Love U both (Robert and Kristen)… have a nice day together

  49. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  50. leave them alone would you!

  51. The last book has a island part in it…I’m sure they are finishing up the series…duh

  52. Jendenise

    8.Jun.2010 3:40pm

    I’ve read a comment about the pic above: Kstew with the kid, that it is fake, and blah blahblah : his/her comment:—> this is obviously fake because why is the sleeve of ktew different (looks like he’s talking about KStews glove look at the *thumb*) Hey you if you read this, yeah you the one who said it’s a sleeve of her jacket..LOL it’s a glove, its freezing obviously …don’t you wear gloves at all when its pretty cold? you wouldnt like your hand to be turning blue…wouldnt you agree peeps

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