Ventnor Botanic Garden: All Invited To Design Walk

Your chance to walk and talk with John Curtis, the preferred bidder for the Ventnor Botanic Garden.

The next Ventnor Botanic Garden Design Walk will take place tomorrow on Friday 13th April at noon.

VBG Walk:This time the focus will be on the “outer loop” with more emphasis on the perspective of a frequent visitor to the Garden.

The first Design Walk with John Curtis took place on Friday 23rd March and focused on the Visitor Centre and near Garden spaces (the “inner loop”) from the perspective of a new visitor to the Garden.

The group started from the entrance and the ideas were coming fast and furious by the time they reached the Visitor Centre!

Keen to get everyone involved
John Curtis says, “One of our continuing challenges is to get everyone who loves this garden involved; involved beyond simply enjoying their visits.

“Our philosophy in building the Ventnor Botanic Garden Community Company has been to develop the Garden by drawing on the ideas and wishes of those who know the Garden best. That was the driver behind our Design Walks.”

Head to VBG for noon tomorrow (Friday 13th April) to meet John Curtis and take part in the Design Walk.

Thursday, 12th April, 2012 1:28pm



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Have you seen the new mosaics up there yet? – They are terrific, check them out.