Ventnor West Ward Election 07: Details of Results (podcast)

After all of the campaigning, the moment of truth and the votes get counted and the winner is named.

Ventnor West Election: Details of ResultsWe caught up with Clive Joynes, IW Council electoral services manager and deputy returning officer, at last nights count and did a very quick audio interview with him (below), including him reading out the results from the Ventnor West election.

He oversaw the elections yesterday and, along with his two female colleagues, made sure the election ran correctly and smoothly.

Official Results
Mark Compton-Hall – 38
Steve Cooper – 50
Louis Lawrence – 28
Peter Redding – 80
Debby Robinson – 85

Total votes cast – 281 from a possible pool of 1,028.

While the numbers of votes sound low, they’re actually pretty good (27%) for a ward election, where a 20% turn out would be more normal.

With a difference of five votes between the winner and the second place, it’s clear that, as Debby Robinson, the new councillor for the Ventnor West Ward, said in her video, each individual vote can make a difference.

Congratulations to Debby. We’re sure that she’ll do a great job for her constituents.

Commiserations to Mark, Steve, Louis and Peter, but a big pat on the back for them for making the effort to get involved and agreeing to be a prospective candidate.


Friday, 14th December, 2007 12:59pm



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