Winter Gardens’ hoardings to receive a ‘splash of colour’

The artwork on the hoardings will remain in place until the work is completed on the project to develop the venue into a luxury hotel.

Ventnor Winter Gardens

This coming weekend, local artists will be adding what The Hambrough call ‘a splash of colour’ to the hoardings surrounding the Ventnor Winter Gardens.

Working in collaboration with Wight Trash they say that local artists will come together on Sunday (22nd September) at 11am to add their artwork to the hoardings.

This will remain in place until the redevelopment works at the Winter Gardens are complete, then be auctioned off with the proceeds going to Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Youth Trust.

Wednesday, 18th September, 2013 5:15pm



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8 Comments on "Winter Gardens’ hoardings to receive a ‘splash of colour’"

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Wow. That must be very hard wearing artwork.


I was hoping they might set up an expresso machine and croissants, probably doing good business and making the VWG owner jealous. Then he might get a move on…

Bill Remnant

Will the artists be like the chefs?? Stay so long then go after all of the publicity to help with their own Ego or use this as one more step up the ladder???

Man in Black

The hoardings look very, very close to the building.

Are the contractors really going to be able to develop it as planned with such little space?

Not much room to maneuver.


Didn’t think of that – in fact they have planning permission to build extension wings across where some of the hoarding is. I wonder whether this is a coded way of them saying that the extensions (which contain the hotel bedrooms) are no longer going to be built?


How about giving the sad-looking building a splash of colour instead of the hoardings???


I am very disappointed at the standard of the art. Apart from couple of panels the effort is childish graffiti daub. I was looking forward to a Ventnor Banksy emerging.