David Pugh’s Wikipedia page: Who has been sanitising it?

Over time, all of the things that have occurred in David’s political life have, gradually, been erased from his Wikipedia page. Who could have done that? OnTheWight ask him if it was him.

David Pugh wikipedia page screengrab

The Wikipedia page about David Pugh, ex-leader of the Isle of Wight council, has become substantially edited, sanitising it. It now reads as the type of page someone would put on Linked In.

References to subjects that might be best left off if you wanted to say, get a job, or become a national politician have gradually been erased.

Easy to see all of the changes
One of the great things about Wikipedia is that all of the historic edits carried out on a page can be viewed – and even challenged. This ‘View History‘ feature allows you to compare one point in time with any point that followed, therefore letting you see which changes were made and when.

What’s been removed
Looking back on the edits over time, you will see that references to the following have been removed:-

Asking David
OnTheWight wrote to David a month ago,

Hi David – We noticed today that your Wikipedia page has been substantially altered. Now all references to anything that might not be too palatable to you have been removed. Have you ever edited your Wikipedia page?

We’ve yet to hear back. This, of course, in no way infers that it was David doing making the changes, just that he hasn’t replied.

If we hear back from him, we’ll let you know.

Friday, 6th December, 2013 12:36pm


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Email updates?

don’t hold your breath ,blue only looks good on Smurfs


Interesting…. View History shows that ID pages for some editors “no longer exist”.

[Orwell’s Ministry of Truth did not allow Winston Smith that level of cover! :-))]

Island Monkey

Can you blame him. What did he actually do of note whilst an IOW councillor or council leader?


Who’s been sanitising David Pugh’s wiki page? Erm, I think we all know the probable answer to that.

Can we have a whip ’round for someone to check it daily to ensure that ALL his massive failings are fully documented please, i’ll chip in.

Whilst I completely disagree with cleansing Wikipedia pages, as this is not fair or accurate, having had a look, this article isn’t quite a true reflection of the edits to date. Firstly, the last edit on the page was 31 July, so a good four months ago. Secondly, other than the Carisbrooke and 2013 losses bits, I believe all the other points were removed in June 2011… Read more »
Simon Haytack

I’ve just been procrastinating from work and looked around at the edit history of the ‘Isle of Wight Council’ wikipedia page. Throughout January 2013 it stated the leader of the Council was ‘Mr Bean’!


I must say all appears very quiet of late. Even Roger Mazillius hasn’t posted in the last ten minutes. Perhaps his broadband’s broken? Either Mr Pugh has decided to get out of politics and his entry has been amended for that reason or he’s being prepared for bigger things. There are those of us with long memories but if he stands on the north island they won’t… Read more »

Mr Bean was leader of our council?

We would have been so lucky compared with what we actually got.

Mark Francis
The beauty of wikipedia is you can always put it back. If this results in an edit war complain to a moderator and have the article locked down. Nothing that is not true should be posted and nothing true should be deleted. If Pugh supporters – and I use the plural here absolutely incorrectly – feel this is unbalanced(t)he(y)can add a list of his achievements. Restructuring education… Read more »
I do not believe it
The ability to heavily sanitise your own biography is an obvious prerequisite for advancement in the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Given the high levels of Pugh-Baiting he has had to suffer in recent years, and the man’s outstanding talents for crippling anything he touches, I, for one, am not at all surprised that, in order to ingratiate himself with Kim Jong-un, he has had to… Read more »
Steve Goodman

Dependantly dastardly for at least a decade?
2003: fellow conservatives allege ‘cheating bastard’ vote rigging by future council leader DP.
2013: fellow conservative alleges manipulation by bitter failed former Council Leader DP trying to unseat conservative Island MP Andrew Turner.

Wikipedia should also include the wickedness.


The IP address that made the changes seems to have been used in 3 different locations – a residential street in Birmingham which is next to a railway line, St Thomas’ hospital, or nearby, which is over the road from Westminster, and a starbucks not far from westminster.


I hope it wasn’t someone checking his Wiki page after a disastrous showing at the May election here, while considering throwing himself on the track; thinking better of it and seeking hospital treatment, & then recovering with a cup of coffee as he made his way to The HoP to lobby with the Tory party to stand as MP.

Janet Scott

Love it Tryme, that’s what I call ‘on form’. :):)


Has it been put back to the truth? It should stand for posterity.

He should have never left the Stationary Shop in Sandown.


It is tory policy to purge the internet of anything they don’t want people to remember.



As is the policy of New Labour once again copying Tory polices.

Orwell’s 1984 “Ministry of Truth” is alive and well busily rewriting history in Westminster .

hazel wyld

Published or polished..we know what we know…and we have very long memories.

Steve Goodman

…and sanitising Sally & Simon’s OTW records won’t be easy either.

This is still happening. People have today removed entries which refer to Pugh being called a cheating b****d and to the pughtube incident. These appear to be people with no knowledge of the events in question, who often do not live anywhere near the island, or even the UK, and who find these items to be “not constructive”. Whilst I put no faith at all in Wikipedias… Read more »

Is the rumour true that CCHQ has moved Orwell’s “Winston Smith” from the “Ministry of Truth” to ICWA?

@ Censored. Some beginner doesn’t know how to use Wikipedia and, as a result, has just shot themselves in the foot. They should have learnt the rules before attempting to break them, especially as they started ‘shooting’ at those subtly trying to assist. Don’t assume those involved don’t live on the Isle either ;) Wikipedia’s not some blog to rant on, it needs to be sourced, referenced… Read more »