WightFibre announces all-new ultrafast, full-fibre broadband in East Cowes

Over 1,445 homes in East Cowes can now experience speeds up to 900Mb as WightFibre’s Gigabit Island Project rollout continues

wightfibre workmen putting in cable in street

WightFibre’s Gigabit Island project continues apace with a further release of new premises in East Cowes.

WightFibre has released a further 604 home in East Cowes bringing the total to homes in East Cowes to 1,445. 

This new, ultrafast, future-proof, full-fibre broadband provides a completely new online experience at speeds of up to 900Mb .

wightfibre engineer plugging cables into junction

This speed is among the fastest broadband speeds available anywhere in the world, and is now available to homes and business in  East Cowes.

wightfibre workmen carrying cable

Residents among some of first to receive new kind of broadband
Commenting on the latest release WightFibre CEO, John Irvine, said,

“East Cowes has been a difficult construction project for us causing significant disturbance to residents there. 

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused, but hope our residents will now appreciate being among some of the first to receive our new kind of broadband.”

Find out more
You can find out more about the benefits of full-fibre broadband versus copper based broadband on the Wightfibre Website.

wightfibre's cables in junction

You’ll also be able to find out whether the new type of broadband will be available in your area.

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Tuesday, 15th October, 2019 3:35pm


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