World Aids Day a poignant reminder of difficult days and the need to continue to fight the stigma

It was World AIDS Day yesterday, Cllr Karl Love has this message as he remembered Islanders who lost their lives to this devastating disease

Karl Love shares this message to Islanders for World Aids Day (which was sent to us yesterday, but still relevant today, tomorrow and for the next year) . Ed

I remember the people of our Island who passed away from what was a difficult passing in theses days full of fear and stigma.

I also look to the future and how this disease can be prevented and treated effectively when intervention is provided early.

Must continue to fight the stigma
There is real hope where there is equality. However we are not all equal in this world and poverty and fear prevents those who could be saved from being saved.

I know many people today who still live fear of the stigma. The stigma from HIV is still real and we must continue to fight for equality of access to health not just in our country but all around the world.

Lived through early difficult days
I also remember the fantastic work of the Isle of Wight health authority, the work of Pat Vinnicombe, Dr Christine Baxtie, Kay Marriott and all those who lived through those early difficult days.

HIV was not like other viruses, people lived in fear not just of the virus, but for friends and family discovering it.

Cutting-edge sexual health screening and services
Today we are thankful for the team which exist at the sexual health service is at St Mary’s hospital who can support and help to keep us all safe. They provide cutting-edge sexual health screening and services.

Please never be afraid to go and see them they are a great fantastic team. Confidentiality is their middle name putting people first.

World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day, designated on 1st December every year since 1988, is an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection and remembering those who have died of the disease Health is our human right.

It must be the top investment priority to help improve and protect our well-being. On this World AIDS Day let us recognize that, to overcome Covid-19 and end HIV infection the world must stand in solidarity and share responsibility.

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Wednesday, 2nd December, 2020 10:04am



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