Election hustings planned for Shanklin: Pugh declines to take part (updated)

This could be one of the most interesting hustings on the Island as Richard Priest contests David Pugh for the Shanklin South seat.


Due to popular demand, an election hustings debate has been organised in Shanklin for the Central and South wards.

The event is planned for Tuesday 23rd April (6pm–8pm) at Shanklin Theatre and has been organised by interested local residents.

They say their particular concern is eco-issues in Shanklin and on the Island, but other matters may well arise during the debate.

We’re waiting to hear which candidates have accepted the invitation and will let you know once we hear back.

We hear from organisers that Jon Gilbey and Richard Priest have confirmed their attendance, but David Pugh and David Williams have declined to take part.

We got in touch with Cllr Pugh to find out why he wouldn’t be taking part. He replied, “I will out speaking to residents, not waiting for them to come to us in a meeting!”

Cllr Pugh may not have considered that whilst he’s out knocking on doors, many residents may be seated in Shanklin Theatre waiting to pose questions to him at the hustings.

Image: Evan Forester under CC BY 2.0

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Wednesday, 17th April, 2013 8:41am


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  1. Davy Jones's comment is rated +25 Vote +1 Vote -1

    17.Apr.2013 9:58am

    “So you are afraid of an election are you? Afraid, Afraid, Afraid. Frightened, frit – couldn’t take it. Couldn’t stand it.”

    Margaret Thatcher – 1983

    • Island Monkey's comment is rated +10 Vote +1 Vote -1

      17.Apr.2013 9:02pm

      Frit. And knows that the questions asked in such a public forum could tempt him in to telling lots of porkies.

      Not for the first time eh?

  2. Crouchie's comment is rated +15 Vote +1 Vote -1

    17.Apr.2013 11:05am

    “BE AWARE MR PUGH,BE VERY AWARE”,the storm clouds are gathering and the Electorate demand debate.But you decide to stay in your “BUNKER”,The Pughreich is crumbling,and you can’t defend it,your running scared.

  3. Victor Meldrew's comment is rated +8 Vote +1 Vote -1

    17.Apr.2013 11:19am

    I understand that the Labour candidate has also indicated a willingness to take part so it’s only the Tory boys who appear to be afraid.

    Pugh did say he’d stand on his record – not a brilliant bit of poitical thinking – and it’s his recored and that ofhis lapdog that is coming back t bite him where it hurts.

  4. footerwootertictocs's comment is rated +5 Vote +1 Vote -1

    17.Apr.2013 12:28pm

    Perhaps he cant come to the husting meeting because he’s not able to bring his dog along?

    Or perhaps he feels he would not able to stand up to his critics – there are so many now!

    • Stephen's comment is rated +6 Vote +1 Vote -1

      17.Apr.2013 2:46pm

      This is either a non-story or a seriously hot potato judging by the silence from the CP on this important local election hustings in support of the democratic function.

      • Darcy's comment is rated +10 Vote +1 Vote -1

        17.Apr.2013 3:26pm

        You expect the CP to criticise Pugh? You must be mad!

        • matt.h's comment is rated +7 Vote +1 Vote -1

          17.Apr.2013 3:35pm

          Darcy, I hope that you’re not implying the CP is in Pugh pocket, or visa versa – That is just not cricket !

        • Stephen's comment is rated +4 Vote +1 Vote -1

          17.Apr.2013 5:21pm

          Not to criticise but merely to report the time and place plus those taking part in this meeting.

        • stephen's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

          18.Apr.2013 5:58pm

          Article about Pugh ‘not needing to participate in husting’ is now a CP article online at around 11.00 am earlier today. Interesting reader comments appearing on this topic.
          Any bets when other contentious election stuff will appear?

      • hussar's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

        17.Apr.2013 7:53pm

        Also noticed a deafening absence of news of the Island Independents publication of their Framework for the Future. The press releases went out at 2pm yesterday and so far no mention! Everybody has been whinging that the II have no policies- now its on line total silence, one can only suppose tory fear!

  5. hussar's comment is rated +12 Vote +1 Vote -1

    17.Apr.2013 1:19pm

    Its funny I didn’t think the Conservative Party used YELLOW as its election colour!

  6. matt.h's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

    17.Apr.2013 3:15pm

    I’m sure with David Pugh there, backed by Alan Wells, and with their respective records, they’ll be unbeatable – provide the electorate don’t get hold of them that is !

  7. Bystander's comment is rated +14 Vote +1 Vote -1

    17.Apr.2013 4:27pm

    The chickens can run and hide but judgment day draws near,
    I savour every moment whilst they squirm in fear.

    A lot has changed in the last four years, not least that we all buy paper-clips from Amazon now. You’re obsolete Pughey, no longer wanted, needed or welcome.

    • Stephen's comment is rated +5 Vote +1 Vote -1

      18.Apr.2013 10:55am

      If people have the time go the the CP’s online pages and put ‘elections’ into the ‘search’ box
      and be wowed/shocked by the results.

      Democracy in action or what from a free press?

  8. I do not believe it's comment is rated +11 Vote +1 Vote -1

    18.Apr.2013 9:16am

    I am convinced that Pughrile (and his dodgy pals) have come to realise that the intelligent part of the electorate have evaluated his puerile legacy and have thus decided to vote for anyone, and I mean anyone, who is not in his incompetent cabal.

    So knocking on the doors of the blue-rinsed and hang ’em and flog ’em brigade in Shanklin South and getting them
    out to vote for him is his last hope of hanging onto the reins of power.

    The very thought of appearing at the hustings and being savaged, plus the remote prospect of the CP actually accurately reporting his undoing, is enough to give him a dose of ‘the trots’.

  9. steve s's comment is rated +10 Vote +1 Vote -1

    18.Apr.2013 9:35am

    It’s been interesting to observe that some tory notables have distanced themselves from the word Conservative in their literature.
    Voters, don’t be fooled, they haven’t suddenly seen the light. If they get a majority again it’s business as usual.
    Please don’t let that happen!

  10. Cicero's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

    18.Apr.2013 9:43am

    @IDBI “..enough to give him a dose of ‘the trots’.”

    The Tory patron saint- St. Margaret of Grantham- would no doubt claim that “trots” should be spelled with a capital letter because all the opposition to the cabal must be closet-Trotskyists! :-))

  11. Mason Watch's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    18.Apr.2013 4:18pm

    So Private Pike Pugh and Capn Wells Mainwaring have declined……never mind Alan Davies tickets, I’d pay to see those two up on stage!


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