Stewart Blackmore plans to put Ventnor First

Stewart says he won’t be a Yes Man if elected as an Isle of Wight councillor.

This in from Stewart Blackmore, Labour Candidate for Ventnor West in the 2013 local elections. Ed

I offer myself as a candidate for election to represent the Ventnor West ward in the forthcoming local election on Thursday 2nd May.

Stewart Blackmore:My slogan is VENTNOR FIRST.

Why Labour?
I am often asked why I do not stand as an Independent, as some consider that this will give me a better chance of success. The answer is really quite simple.

I have lived in Ventnor for over 30 years and, during that time, have been a supporter of the Labour Party. Although I resigned my membership on principle over the Iraq war, I re-joined when Tony Blair resigned as Prime Minister. If I stood as an Independent then it would provide a stick for my opponents to beat me with. I wish they were as honest, but there you are.

And here’s the thing: some people cannot get around the fact that I can be a member of the Labour Party AND stand up for Ventnor – only the so-called Independents are capable of that!

Not a Yes Man
It almost seems unbelievable, don’t you think? How many people who know me think that I will meekly toe the party line. How many think that I am a Yes man? How many think that all I need is my tummy tickled (OK, I do!)?

One thing you can be sure of – my voice WILL be heard.

Mr Stubbings stood as an Independent in 2009 and came within SEVEN votes of defeating Cllr. Scoccia in Ventnor West – well within the margin of error. Did he demand a recount as was his right? No.

Under Conservative rule
During the last four years, services in Ventnor have been decimated. Neither sitting councillor has been able to withstand this. Indeed, Cllr. Scoccia has NEVER voted against any initiative which has been detrimental to Ventnor; check that – NOT ONCE.

Under her party’s stewardship this is the reality:

  • The Winter Gardens was sold for £1 and is still an eyesore with an uncertain future.
  • The Botanic Gardens were sold off with no regard to the wishes of Ventnor.
  • Public toilets have been closed and sold off, again with no regard to the wishes of Ventnor.
  • The Tourist Information Centre has been closed.
  • Ventnor came to a standstill during the (heavily predicted) snow.
  • The Undercliff road problem has still not been resolved.
  • Likewise the continuing problem with subsidence on the Newport Road continues to get an elastoplast.
  • The Coastal Centre will be sold off to the highest bidder (Why not £1?).
  • Traffic wardens are used as money collectors and don’t care whether it’s Carnival, for example.
  • The condition of the roads is lamentable, notwithstanding the PFI. They might get round to addressing Ventnor’s problems when the 25 years are nearly up.

My promises to Ventnor
So, you are all asking, what will Stewart Blackmore do? There’s no denying that it will be difficult, depending on the make-up of the Council.

But here is what I promise:

  • I will ALWAYS vote in the interest of Ventnor.
  • I will NEVER vote for the sale of the Coastal Centre.
  • I will DEMAND clarity over the ownership and plans for the Winter Gardens.
  • I am in FAVOUR of pedestrianizing the Esplanade for a period during the Summer.
  • I will encourage residents to apply to have the streets they live in as Resident Only parking permit areas at no cost.
  • I will actively lobby to have a Tourist Information Centre in the town centre.
  • I will actively lobby to have the public toilets, which have not already been sold, re-opened.
  • I will actively lobby for the relaxation of parking restrictions during the Carnival.
  • I will continually question on behalf of Ventnor and ensure that Ventnor’s case in considered in every decision which concerns Ventnor.
  • I will have an on-going dialogue with businesses and residents alike, and work on behalf of ALL.

Stewart Blackmore, Labour Candidate Ventnor West – VENTNOR FIRST!

Wednesday, 17th April, 2013 8:17am



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steve s
Stewart, I’m not sure why you’ve decided (again!) to mention the fact that I didn’t demand a recount in 2009. It was my choice and I made it. I’m not interested in getting dragged into a tit-for tat name calling exercise, it’s not my way. So, unless you can find anything concrete to criticise me for, please leave me out of your campaign. I wish you the… Read more »
steve s

For the record, pretty much EVERY promise Stewart makes in this piece, I’ve already been ACTUALLY DOING IT for the past four years!

Stewart Blackmore

Steve, I mentioned the (lack of) recount because I believe that Ventnor West residents may be interested in the fact, especially if they voted for you in 2009, and a recount may have removed Cllr. Scoccia.

That is very relevant – and nothing to do with tit-for-tat or name calling.

steve s

Ok, Stewart, thanks for the explanation.


@Stewart. A re-count might change the numbers up, down or leave them just the same. So I don’t see what point you are making here.


Having started with this from Stewart,I trust that On The Wight will now publish an election campaign address by all the other candidates in Ventnor.

Sally Perry

Yes, we ran a similar piece for Chris and Steve yesterday.


Thought this was On The Wight, not Ventnor Blog?

Would you welcome a piece from me about the campaign in Sandown North

Sally Perry

Feel free to send something in. Chris/Steve and Stewart are the only ones who have written asking if we would run a piece by them so far. We also have several party manifestos and are just thinking about how/where we will run those.


Let’s just hope that Steve and Stewart don’t split the opposition vote and let Mrs Scoccia have another four years to do more damage to the town.

steve s

You make a very valid point here, CB. The public must decide which candidate has the best chance of unseating Cllr Scoccia, and by extension, the current administration. Any other outcome would be too awful to contemplate.

Stewart Blackmore

That’s possible, CB500, although I would ask that you bear in mind that I announced my candidacy in June 2012, way before anyone else, via this very Blog!

I have been actively canvassing for several weeks and, by the end of next week, will have knocked on every door in the Ward.

I don’t aim to split the vote, I aim to earn it.


Did anyone else cringe when he said he likes to have his tummy tickled? Reminds me of when George Galloway acted like a cat on Big Brother :/

Stewart Blackmore

MamaLu, really!


I’m emotionally scarred for life ;)