Total allowances for Isle of Wight councillors up – but just by a smidgen

The increase in Cabinet members is just one reason why the total spend on allowances for Isle of Wight councillors has increased in the last year.

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The total budget for Councillors’ allowances change every year. For interest here are some comparisons to previous years, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Ed

Total spend by the Isle of Wight Council on member allowances increased by £3,000 this year.

There was a total spend of £461,128 during 2017-18 however, this also includes members from the previous administration. Councillors were elected to their position last May, one month into the financial year.

Total allowances £3k more
Once former councillors are subtracted, current councillors claimed £443,029 this year — compared to the previous year when they claimed £440,167.

All members are given a basic allowance of £7,700. Due to the council changeover however, members elected in May were given a basic allowance of £6,892. Certain members, such as cabinet members (the number of which has increased under the Island Conservatives), are given an additional special responsibilities allowance.

They are also allowed to claim for travel off Island, and childcare expenses — although no councillors claimed for childcare this year.

Largest share
The biggest allowance was given to council leader, Cllr Dave Stewart, who was given £15,400 on top of the basic allowance, as well as £2,274 in travel expenses — totalling £25,374.

Deputy leader, Cllr Stuart Hutchinson, was paid £18,400, which includes a £9,625 special responsibilities allowance, as well as £1,076 for travel.

Cllrs Ian Ward and Wayne Whittle were both paid more than £16,000.

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Email updates?

How many hours does Dave do for his £25K? Can we have a list of his achievments please?


Certainly – here’s the list:



Would Cllr Ward care to enlighten us as to what the blazes he does that’s worth £16K+ a year?


Meanwhile, here in the real world, incomes stay the same whilst our outgoings are higher than ever. By the time I have paid my (reduced) council Tax and my bedroom tax out of my benefits I am left struggling each month… It’s true what they say, ‘Money goes to money’!!


Don’t forget Dave Stewart’s nice big fat police pension nice work if you can get it.Big money for very little return