Belgrave Road: Action to be taken over the weekend before bad weather arrives

The Isle of Wight council say they will be taking action over the weekend at the Belgrave Road landslip. Details within

belgrave road srp 24 jan 2020

News below shared by the Isle of Wight council press office. Ed

There has been no significant change to the movement of the wall on Belgrave Road, Ventnor in the past 48 hours or any additional threat to properties in the affected area since the weekend, although we are continuing to monitor the situation around the clock.

We have also been liaising with the utility companies; Southern Water and SGN who have both been working on site. The focus of their work has been to ensure the water and gas supply within the area can be safely maintained for residents.

Remove loose materials
Our priority continues to be the safety of residents and while it remains unsafe and impractical for us to intervene substantially onsite until the situation has stabilised, we have assessed the site area and are planning to take steps to remove any loose material from the site that we can safely access and easily remove, using specially trained, professional roped access teams.

Although these steps will not stop any wall movement, they will help to remove some of the loose pieces of material that are not contributing to the stability of the wall, preventing them from falling onto the area below.

Safety netting
We are also progressing well with our arrangement to install a safety netting system over the area which is also intended to reduce the risk of falling debris should further movement of the wall occur in the coming days and weeks.

We anticipate this work taking place through this weekend to help minimise the effects of the changing weather condition expected soon.

Round the clock monitoring
We are continuing our monitoring on site around the clock and regular site inspections by engineers and this will continue over the weekend. The council’s community liaison officers have also been making regular checks on residents and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

Residents who have any concerns please call Island Roads on 01983 822440 or email [email protected]

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It greatly worries me that both the Isle of Wight Council and Island Roads are woefully lacking the specialised knowledge and experience required to tackle the significant movements to the retaining wall in Belgrave Road without delay. Hopefully such specialised technical and engineering assistance has already been arranged.

Whilst I totaly agree that we need some expert help with sorting Belgrave Road, past experience has not shown our council in a good light regarding so called ‘experts’ or consultants. Spending millions on specialists has brought nothing but pain for Islanders, just look at the Floaty Mcbridge fiasco.. Designed, built and signed off by experts, including our own Council staff, and not fit for purpose. Undercliffe… Read more »

They could not care less. There are people who live on this Island who do have the skills and knowledge but are ignored, shame on this council.


Not much the councils or anyone can do about landslips/subsidence like this. Don’t but a house in Ventnor, or at least when you do don’t be surprised when your front garden disappears. That’s why most mortgage lenders don’t lend in this area. Don’t see why all taxpayers should cover this cost when the risks are known.


Thanks for the constructive and sympathetic conversation

Mark L Francis

I have heard the came argument amongst Americans opposing a US national health service. Why should I pay taxed to look after sick people when I am healthy?

Rhos yr Alarch

And likewise well-to-do Victorians objecting to free education, as the payment fell to ratepayers. It would be good, however, if public authorities spent money on pre-emptive action when tell-tale signs like cracks appear, rather than waiting for crisis and greater outlay…


So why are they intent in reopening the Undercliff or sanctioning an oil company drilling for oil. They are a disgrace, I for one register a vote of no consideration in any of them