Call for Islanders to take part in Government consultation on fracking

Campaigners are calling on Islanders to write to Isle of Wight MP, Robert Seely and take part in Gov consultation.

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Sylvia shares this latest news on behalf of Isle of Wight Frack Free. Ed

Following a lengthy, interesting discussion, the Conservative majority Isle of Wight Council
voted unanimously at their full council meeting last week (catch up here) in favour of Cllr Barry Abraham‘s motion:

“THAT the Council notes the Government’s proposals in relation to permitted development rights for shale gas exploration. This Council wishes to raise objections to the proposals and would wish to retain the ability for the Minerals Planning Authority to determine proposals for shale gas exploration.”

So Frack Free Isle of Wight wholeheartedly thank Isle of Wight Council for their decision. Important though it is, this is just our council’s response to the Government consultation.

Don’t be misled: “Exploration is exploration”
Whatever your views on drilling, local authorities and communities need to be able to decide and we want our community to support our council in this decision.

Don’t be misled by the emphasis on shale gas exploration. Exploration is just that exploration. So if this becomes policy this could apply to any oil and gas wells or be adjusted by ‘statutory instrument’ which is not voted through the commons.

Take part in consultation
There is a public consultation open until 25th October. It is a very complex document and difficult to understand as many of the questions are confusingly phrased.

But Frack Free Isle of Wight has updated their Website with helpful links to guidance for completing the consultation in opposition to permitted development.

Stand firm
The importance of standing firm against this government plan must not be underestimated. Exploration drilling, which can last for years, happens to be the most disruptive phase, environmentally and logistically with land being cleared, industrial sites being built, increased traffic noise and air pollution.

It will make it difficult to object to future cumulative developments and preventing long term impacts once those wells are already in place.

Isle of Wight licence holder UKOG’s activity at Horse Hill for example, has been in exploration and flow testing phase since 2014 and is ongoing.

These sites should not be given less local planning scrutiny than a garden shed over 2.5 metres.

Saturday, 29th September, 2018 11:17am



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Steve Goodman
I’m reminded of a few things, like how so many people in Lancashire and elsewhere said they were against the introduction of fracking and similar operations for good reason, and how Lancashire council agreed, and how our government said none of that matters because they remain determined to help their filthy fracking friends despite agreeing at the last climate crisis conference that we should all stop being… Read more »