Live: Isle of Wight councillors vote on allowance increase and more

Find out what your councillor has to say about the issues being debated at the September Isle of Wight full council meeting. We report live from the chamber so you don’t have to make the journey to Newport.

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Tonight (Wednesday) sees the September Isle of Wight full council meeting take place at County Hall from 6pm. As usual, OnTheWight will be reporting live.

As well as hearing the Leader’s update and Members’ questions on that report, councillors will be considering the name change for Newport Parish Council to Newport and Carisbrooke Parish Council (see paper).

They will also be considering the recommendation of the Independent Remuneration Panel to increase councillors’ allowances by 2% and other motions from councillors – full details in the agenda below.

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IWC Sept 2018 Agenda by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Image: htakashi under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 19th September, 2018 5:50pm



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So Yourh Services are cut to the bone, our elderly residents have to sell their homes to pay for residential or nursing care, disability allowance is cut, Island residents are paying £100 a year (3% increase) for Adult Social Care, there is a 73.7% increase to Sandown residents precept + there is no funding to provide extra transport to get some of our children to school…..but there… Read more »
Ah, the good old councillors. Don’t you just love them. Yhere’s always money to be found to fund a rise in their allowances. But wait, there’s more. Someone doesn’t like the “keyboard warriors”. Having tried to stifle questions and debate in the council chamber (well documented and commented on by Mr. Brodie and others) they now don’t like criticism from elsewhere. It wasn’t that long ago that… Read more »