Camp Hill prison closure could affect over 200 jobs

The closure could affect 80 officers and 200 staff says Prison Officers Association

Prison bars

There’s never a good time to hear about losing your job, but being told at the beginning of the year, is going to be hard for many to swallow.

Following the announcement earlier today by Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Justice, that Camp Hill Prison would be closed along with six others across the UK, the Isle of Wight Prison Officers Association have expressed their concern at the plans.

No consultation
One On The Wight reader told us that her father who works at the prison had only learnt of the planned closure after reading our earlier report.

Richard Knox, of the Isle of Wight Prison Officers Association, told the IW County Press that about 80 prison officers and 200 staff could be affected by the decision.

He confirmed that they had only learnt of the closure at 9.30 this morning when the report was released, with no previous consultation.

“We were absolutely shocked that they could sell off a performing prison just for the cost of the land,” Mr Knox told the IWCP. “Once they take one jail, I suspect the rest will follow.”

Our thoughts are with all those affected.

Image: Trishalyn under CC BY 2.0

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Thursday, 10th January, 2013 1:31pm



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Chris Grayling- the Justice Secretary- talks about the need to rebuild prisons and improve the management of them.

How long will it be until we see the new prisons built on a PFI basis and managed by private companies like G4S, Sodexo and Serco? More taxpayers’ money into private pockets.

Don Smith
Surely you should build new prisons first, before closing the old ones. This isn’t about prisons, it’s about selling off the land to develop new housing; a large extended estate perhaps; encroaching on the Green Belt I expect, yes! This government will walk over anything and anybody. However, you get what you vote for. We need housing, but has the minister thought about the job losses? Just… Read more »

We keep being told that prisons are overcrowded ? , I agree with cynics comment about PFI , should be kept open for the real crooks eg councillors and MPs , …..but not the few honest and true good ones