Liz Earle lay-offs arrive (Updated)

People laid off today from the Ryde-based company.

Today Liz Earle has laid off what On The Wight has been told was ‘around 30 people’.

Update 11:07 11.Jan: It’s been officially confirmed that 25 people will go.

At the end of November, news emerged that a ‘review of organisational design’ would be leading to job losses at the Ryde-base company.

The company’s spokesperson wouldn’t confirm the number that might be affected, but those at Liz Earle spoke of from ‘over 25′ to ‘up to 50′ back in November.

We’re awaiting an official response from the company.

Thoughts are with those affected.

Thursday, 10th January, 2013 1:52pm



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6 Comments on "Liz Earle lay-offs arrive (Updated)"

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Black Dog

Is it possible to get LE to let us know the real reason for the lay-offs please.

One can not comment on, yet more, bad news for the Island until we know more.


Is Avon transferring work to cheaper wage economies (e.g. Poland) as it has already done with some of its other European manufacturing sites?

Black Dog

If that is true – Boycott, Boycott, Boycott Avon Products.

Has Liz Earl ever had subsidies and or Grants from the IoW Council?

Sorry to say that LE sold out when Avon acquired it. I wonder if they sold so that it made things easier for when they wanted to produce a make-up range? Sad thing is Avon have had to withdraw their ‘no animal testing’ slogan after this claim was found to be untrue (which means LE is now associated with Avon and therefore go against their own no… Read more »
Sally Perry

There are no payments listed on Armchair Auditor


I notice that when LE sold up (or should that be ‘out’?) to Avon, Liz was “keen to point out that as well as no change being experienced by the customers, jobs at the Island based beauty company will not be affected”.

That’s her integrity shot, then.