Cllr Brown approves sale of Ryde Harbour

Sale of the Harbour comes with stipulations that it must remain a harbour unless an alternative use can generate a sustainable economic benefit to Ryde.


Further to our previous reports on the possible disposal of Ryde Harbour, a delegated decision to sell the asset has today (Tuesday 11th March) been approved.

Members of the Ryde Town council (RTC) have criticised the council for allowing the harbour to deteriorate through under-resourcing, as well as not providing enough time for informed consideration to be made by the RTC.

The decision taken by Cllr George Brown, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for the Economy and Regulatory Service, was …

Option (1)
THAT Ryde harbour be disposed on the open market with a restrictive covenant that it be only used as a harbour/marina; such covenant to only be removed if an alternative use of the area could generate a significant and sustainable economic benefit to Ryde and/or the Island.


Option (4)
THAT the final agreed terms of any disposal to a third party be approved by a further delegated decision of the Cabinet Member but where no terms are agreed then the council will continue to directly manage the harbour.

The papers are embedded below for your convenience.

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Tuesday, 12th March, 2013 2:22pm



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  1. Running at a loss, not economically viable? I’ll offer the going rate for all council owned assets marked like this.


    The cash is waiting.

    This quote did disturb me a bit.

    “I think it is a fair generalisation to say that Local Authorities in general (a general generalization then?) are no particularly effective when it comes to running businesses.”

    Local Authorities are tasked to manage and run services with large budgets like a business. If they aren’t effective in running something small like a harbour is there any hope for us them running other services?

    • Couldn’t agree more. Heaven help us with the Highways PFI & soon the Waste PFI if they can’t run a small habour. I’m a bit concerned too about the so-called condition that it remain a harbour or…………….basically anything that makes money & is a bit useful. That covers just about everything, such as filling it in & turning it into car park.

  2. Once again, like Salisbury Gardens in Ventnor, Public right is trampelled over by the “Land Grab” minority.The Conservative minority thinks that it has the God given right to take what it wants without cause for objection. Of course this cannot be allowed to pass unhindered. They cannot be allowed to trample over our birthright.
    What belongs to us should stay with us. The harbour belongs to the people of Ryde, the Isle of Wight Council cannot walk over our public right. The Isle of Wight Council abdicated its responsibility to look after and upgrade the harbour. It is their responsibility and they should find the cash now, that is what they are paid to do. The people of Ryde cannot just sit back and allow this to happen but must challenge the decision and the Ryde Town Council must take a lead.

  3. Marvellous job of the Tory ‘Cabinet’ to put so much of the Island into private hands, so we can continue to trace how in the next few years our heritage falls into their & their friends’ business hands. Their time at County Hall will not have been wasted for them & their families!

  4. It cost a small fortune to build in 1989 / 1990 and I bet it has never made a profit to this day, let alone cover the build cost!

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