Conservatives Accelerate Plans For Youth Employment Initiatives

Cllr Pugh provides more detail on the plans to support investment into helping young people find work.

Following our earlier report about budget considerations at next week’s full council, this in from the Isle of Wight Conservatives. In their own words. Ed

ApprenticeThe majority Conservative Group at County Hall has tabled a motion for January’s Full Council meeting to allocate £300,000 for initiatives to help tackle youth unemployment and create new employment opportunities for young people.

The motion, which will be debated by members on Wednesday 25th January, proposes the allocation of this funding from the net saving (underspend) which the IW Council is due to achieve in the current financial year. It builds on the commitment set out at December’s Cabinet meeting that the local authority will be redoubling its efforts in support of the local economy over the next 12 months.

Economic Development Delivery Action Plan
The proposal to invest this funding in youth-related initiatives is one of a number of options set out in the delegated decision paper, the Economic Development Delivery Action Plan, which has been published.

This report updates on progress made on economic priorities over the past two years and sets out some of the challenges which the Island continues to faces, along with possible steps to address them.

Pre-apprenticeship schemes support making a difference
Speaking following the publication of the motion and the delegated decision report, Council Leader Cllr David Pugh said: “We all know that the Island’s young people face many challenges in finding employment and work-based learning opportunities, particularly in the current economic climate.

“The £85,000 we announced in November to support pre-apprenticeship schemes is making a real difference, but it is clear that more funding is needed to increase the opportunities available. This significant investment, if agreed, would provide support for a minimum of 160 young people – along with hopefully many others benefitting from wider initiatives we will be seeking to pilot with this funding.

“In particular, we are keen to explore supporting new full apprenticeships for young people and a new initiative for young entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses, supported by mentoring provided by established businesses. We will also be looking to use this funding to organise a Jobs Fair where businesses can promote these job and apprenticeship opportunities to local young people.”

“Hope members support this essential investment”
Cllr Pugh went on to say: “We are only in a position to bring these proposals forward now because we have put the Council’s house in order over the past year, thereby releasing funding to support economic initiatives such as this. The Council will continue to take the necessary decisions to deliver a balanced budget, freeze council tax and release funding for such projects in a timely manner. This proposal would accelerate this investment in advance of next month’s budget-setting process, so the plans can begin with immediate effect.

“I very much hope that members will support this essential investment when the motion is debated next week, given the benefit these initiatives should offer for the next generation of Islanders and their future careers.”

Image: Citizen Schools Photos under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 17th January, 2012 3:13pm



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Simon Haytack
It strikes me that £300,000 simply isn’t enough. It barely scratches the surface of an issue this council is in part responsible for creating. I think there’s around 1,000 young people unemployed at the moment? If it helps 160 of these, we’ve still got around 800 left with nothing, and of course there’s still issues with high levels of unemployment among all age groups across the island.… Read more »
mark francis

I would have thought £300k would be plenty if the people are to work for peanuts or nothing. The question is whether or not such jobs are actually taking real ones away.

Just over a year before an election and suddenly there is some money available for youth-related initiatives and high speed broadband, paid from money saved from cutting public services and selling public assetts. By coming out with a load of spin about keeping their house in order, Pugh is either taking the Island people for fools or is living in some kind of Cameron type fantasy world.… Read more »
witchfinder general

If they are trying to buy votes, it is not working, Northwood takes the view that the money the council was going to give them would be better spent on some of the services they axed. Wodger the bodger had better look for another parish.


Create vacancies by firing the council


I think Pugh has been learning the old trick used by governments and councils alike. Bribe the public by making money available for different projects a year or so before an election and spin the lie it’s available because of prudence. Perhaps he wants to be known as the prudent council leader?


You wont get one over old ducking and diving Roger Maz. He’s teflon coated and immune to insults. Mere town councillors aren’t even in the same league.

Island Monkey

Expect Roger to do his usual trick next year. Either he’ll threaten to step down, changing his mind at the last moment or he’ll switch sides. He’s done that several times hasn’t he?


This Tory council can throw millions in at the last moment to save themselves,but just do not ask me to an X next the blue box- as a party you will get the valentines ball reply!!!!

As a youth on the Island I think a lot of responsibility is to be pinned on Island businesses, a lot are not willing to train up our younger generation of workers, they’d rather get an ‘older’ person who is already trained and that will expect a pension within the next few years! They need to think more for the future, younger people that are well trained… Read more »
Given that we have a masculine cabinet, it is a concerning that they say the average male has carnal thoughts 19 times a day; they also say that even a broken clock is right twice a day. I hope that this policy announcement falls into the latter of the two. The day that shocking unemployment figures are revealed, the list of casualties of the economic collapse gets… Read more »