Cottage hospitals for Isle of Wight pledges PPC Iain McKie

Reflecting that the Island used to have 11 hospitals, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) Iain McKie pledges that Cottage hospitals will be re-established on the Island – if he’s elected.

Frank James Memorial Hospital - via Wikipedia

This in from the Isle of Wight branch of UKIP. It’s in their words – Ed.

UKIP IW candidate Iain McKie announces that he will make plans for the establishment of cottage hospitals on the Island an election pledge.

He said that following consultation with health professionals at St Mary’s, Newport, and on the mainland, GP led cottage hospitals would benefit health on the Island in a number of ways:

“There used to be eleven hospitals on the Island, now there is only one. In some cases, patients are being released early after operations, and many are not fully capable of looking after themselves following procedures.

“For the 17% of Island pensioners who live on their own this is a worry. Very often they are being returned to St Mary’s via A and E when they have gone home only to find that they are not well enough to care for themselves, or have someone who can help. This is blocking the admissions into A and E.

“Also, from a compassionate way of thinking, convalescence in Newport is not always the most appropriate for Islanders. Many have relatives and carers who cannot drive, and getting to St Mary’s can be difficult.

“Therefore, from a logistical and a caring perspective it makes perfect sense to me that we call for the establishment of smaller hospitals across the Island.

“The need for these will become more apparent as our population is set to increase by another eight to ten thousand by 2020. Where will the budget for these hospitals come from? The IW pays around £45 million each year to the UK Treasury as its share of the cost of EU membership, so there’s a start.”

Frank James Cottage Hospital Image: via Wikipedia under a CC BY 3.0 license

Tuesday, 17th June, 2014 11:53am



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Email updates?

Politicians and experts. Ruined our country.

Closed the cottage hospitals; now they want them back.

Closed the railways. Now they want them back.

Rearranged the schools. Complete shambles; don’t know what they want.

(Iain McKie) “Where will the budget for these (cottage) hospitals come from? The IW pays around £45 million each year to the UK Treasury as its share of the cost of EU membership, so there’s a start.”” Not surprising really when UKIP’s policy is to “Franchise out key services including hospitals and GP surgeries to companies and charities.” Guess who would bid first for the £45 million-… Read more »
sam salt
What absolute rubbish Iain McKie talks. He clearly knows very little about the NHS and the Island. A hospital the size of St Mary’s is built to cater for a population of 250,000. Even with his so called predictions that numbers will grow by 8 to10,000 by 2020 our population will still only the region of 160,000 therefore St Mary’s will still be running under capacity. I… Read more »

Reading his words,he said 11 hospitals, not 11 cottage ones,i can remember about 5 hospitals,three cottage and rwo main and he also states that £45 million is sent from the island to the EU each year,to be a start.Have we heard all of this before somewhere?

Maybe due to UKIP’s stance on guns (which is ‘yes, more of them, they’re a good thing’) their representative thinks we will need to be able to deliver care faster to those who have been accidentally (or deliberately) shot. I do hope this irksome little toad with these vaccuous ‘playing to the crowd’ ideas with so little substance does not get elected. He makes Turner look like… Read more »

Maybe he is following the apparent CW PR approach, “As long as they remember my name, what does it matter what silliness I write”?

Yes, there were three in Shanklin alone when I was growing up there: the Arthur Webster on Landguard Manor Road, the Home of Rest (now Winchester House) on Sandown Road, and the Cottage Hospital at the top end of Luccombe Road, which was the last to go, and conveniently burnt down prior to redevelopment. Probably the most famous still under controversy is the Frank James in East… Read more »

I’m thinking that there could be a reversal of the Euro elections next year. People will vote Conservative to keep the ‘kippers out.

The more garbage of this sort that McKie come up with, the more likely that Turner will keep his seat.


I remember the Shanklin Arthur Webster Cottage Hospital, there was another in Shanklin Old Village, we Rad at least one Hospital in Ryde, there was a second Hospital in Fairlee, there was the Workhouse or Old Hospital in the grounds of St Marys, Im sure someone can name the rest as there were many…

Silly games should not be played when talking about NHS issues. I would have thought that the most important issue was protecting our St Mary’s. The “Clinical Strategy” highlights the danger to the running down of hospital services as has been occurring in other parts of the UK. This ‘devolving’ into the community has examples in other parts of the country and led to hospitals being downgraded.… Read more »

Given that in 2011 24% of the Island population was 65 and over (i.e. 35,100)- all voters- one would think that the local political parties would be vying for the “Grey Vote”. Health facilities would be one of those battlegrounds.

Robert Jones
Let’s see – 11 hospitals…. not in recent years there weren’t. There was Ryde Hospital; St Mary’s; Frank James; Whitecroft; Fairlee; Shanklin Cottage; Ventnor Chest Hospital – although that was a very long time ago; the Arthur Webster clinic wasn’t a hospital as such, so far as I recall. There may well have been others, but only two of them were fully functioning hospitals such as we… Read more »
adrian whittaker

He be better off fighting for a fixed link this would benifit the island more. Also a referendum for an elected mayor and run the island as a business at least there would be somebody to hold to account

Joshua Aitken

It costs more to run cottage hospitals but are an advantage! They provided extra beds, a more homely recovery and lovely environments e.g. Gardens, beautiful and historic buildings. Unfortunately most are now just in our memories and times change!


How ever would he staff them? Oh I forgot, with cheap immigrant labour, I expect.
(This is not a slur on immigrant labour but the bosses who take advantage of them.)

Mark Francis
Whatever for? My father died at the Shanklin Cottage Hospital. I doubt it would have been any different in St Mary’s but I once worked with a secretary who was admitted to a clinic for a hysterectomy, became ill & they had to get the ambulance to take her to another hospital for emergency surgery & she died in the ambulance. It is not as though Newport… Read more »

Crazy publicity-seeking populist policies are just what we expect from the ‘Kippers.

They know they won’t ever get into power so, like the Lib-Dems, they promise that which they know cannot be delivered in the hope of getting the deluded to vote for them and, maybe, gain a seat or two.


One might think that the Island’s prospect candidate representing a party with UK in its title would have his photo taken in front of a genuine Union Flag and not what looks like a cheap Chinese copy!
(see CP website)


This is an impossible election promise and anyone who believes its possible understands nothing about who controls the NHS and how these hospitals would be funded.

Completely ridiculous. And yet some people will vote for him based on this.