Council announce funding for new green and safety transport schemes

The council intends to spend £1.3m on improvements to cycleways and shared surface routes, better signage and more cycle racks.


This in from the council, in their own words. Ed

A list of schemes to improve accessibility, road safety and traffic management on the Isle of Wight’s transport network has been announced.

The Isle of Wight Council is looking to spend £1.3 on a raft of projects during the 2013/14 financial year including improvements to cycleways and shared surface routes, better signage and more cycle racks. The planned works also include £100,000 programme of schemes to improve the rights of way network.

The list of proposed work is outlined in a delegated decision report published today on the council’s planned integrated transport/local sustainable transport fund capital programme.

More being spent on schemes
Though the amount of grant available for work of this nature has been reduced by Government, the council has been able to increase spending having secured a near £4 million Government grant for green transport schemes – some of which are compatible with the programme.

“At a time when Government grant is being reduced in this area, it is very pleasing that through our successful application for substantial Local Sustainable Transport Grant funding we are able to actually increase our spending,” said councillor Edward Giles, Isle of Wight Council cabinet member responsible for transport.

“A truly accessible and integrated transport network is clearly a benefit to residents but it also helps the Island develop its already considerable appeal as a green travel destination.”

The delegated decision report is embedded below for your convenience.

Image: Amanda BH Slater under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 12th March, 2013 10:48am



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The best way to improve the safety of pedestrians is to stop cyclists sharing paths. I fail to see how a Council, whose plans to reduce its adult social care budget ignored its own internal guidance and were unlawful, can consider itself in a position to judge the safety of anything.

Steve Goodman
Is “the best way to improve the safety of pedestrians to stop cyclists sharing paths”, or would it be to stop the sharing of highways with motor vehicles which kill and injure so many more people? Or for everybody to use shared spaces considerately? There are positive, inclusive signs to that effect on part of the National Cycle Network south of Newport; but now on the same… Read more »

I saw a friend of mine hit by a cycle doing 20 mph on a shared path, she lay unconscious in a puddle of her own urine after that. Bikes are a menace because of the number of irresponsible cyclists, on paths and on roads.

a person
Well said Steve Goodman. I am often amazed at the level of abuse I receive when on cycle paths. It astounds me that pedestrians feel that they can block the entire pathway and not give any courtesy to bike users. I have been sworn at and told to “get off the f***ing bike” on more than one occasion. When I politely point out that it is actually… Read more »

To be fair the people swearing at you might well have had nothing to do with you being a cyclist.
The ‘idiots walking’, as you describe them, just happen to have priority on a shared path if it is a public right of way.

a person
so someone telling me to “get off the f***ing bike” on a cycle path is not swearing at me because Im a cyclist then? How do you work that one out? And quite how pedestrians can have right of way on a designated cycle path NOT a shared path is beyond me. It is incumbent on BOTH cyclists and pedestrians to know what is going on at… Read more »

Enjoy your right of way, mowing people down, ‘a person’ – good luck with that.

The rest of us live in the real world where neither pedestrian nor cyclist can be relied upon to behave perfectly, & we think we should plan for that.

a person

Im sorry, that is EXACTLY what I have just said.
“EVERYONE should be aware of what is going on around them and make sure they take extra care to avoid accidents. Cyclists, Pedestrians, EVERYONE.”

NOWHERE did I mention mowing down pedestrians.

Perhaps you should read what people actually write instead of just trying to rile them. Grow up.

a person
and the right of way – you seem to be under the illusion that I am talking about an IOW shared path. when I mention a right of way for cyclists, I am talking about a path on the mainland with a sign that SPECIFICALLY says cyclists have the right of way. It is NOT a shared path, yet pedestrians use it and seem to think they… Read more »

So it was my friends fault? You are a typical cyclist John and I’m not going to waste any further time on your childish comments


If you ride anything like you post, ‘a person’, you are one scary cyclist!

a person
where did i say it was your friends fault? YOU have blamed the cyclist throughout. I have said that both your friend and the cyclist could have done things differently and been more aware on a shared path. I really dont see what is “childish” about suggesting that people using a shared path should make sure that they are aware of what is going on around them… Read more »
a person
I also notice that 3 times now you have not answered the question: where you and your group taking up the entire SHARED path, leaving no room for cyclists to pass safely? I think perhaps your lack of response on that is telling. Whilst I have the utmost sympathy for your friend, it is a SHARED path, and ALL parties should be aware of that. Too often… Read more »
It seems common sense to me. If you compare the effect of a nuisance pedestrian on a cyclist, with the effect of a nuisance cyclist on a pedestrian, it is the cyclist who has the ‘weapon’ of the bike & can usually do far more damage. Bikes can whip round at you out of the blue, as seems to have happened in Bystander’s example. Never mind the… Read more »

I agree that on general roads the boot is on the other foot, & it is incumbent for cars to be thoughtful towards cyclists & give them priority. This is what I do with cyclists & horses, giving them masses of room & not behaving in a hassling way.

In the instance I was referring to my friend was walking along talking to her companion when she dropped something, she stooped down to her left side to pick it up as a bike approached her from behind. He had intended to pass her at speed with less than a foot clearance. This happens to me regularly on footpaths, you dont even know they are coming until… Read more »
Being a multimodal traveller, I’ve learnt to suspect other users of the road, path, whatever as potential pillocks. Never underestimating the stupidity, ignorance & foolhardiness of some people. Whether they are walking their dogs along the Cowes – Newport cycle path with their iPods turned up to max, unhearing of warning bells while their dogs gamble freely & unleashed wherever the scent takes them, unaware that although… Read more »