Council now back-tracking on their previous back-pedalling on overnight parking charges!

Last week Cllr Ian Ward confirmed to the IWC Cabinet that plans to charge for overnight on-street parking was ‘a typo’. Today, nearly a full week later, the council are going back on that, saying the now DO plan to charge!

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A controversial parking proposal, previously dismissed as a typing error, is in fact correct.

Last Thursday, at the Isle of Wight Council cabinet Cllr Ian Ward confirmed plans to charge residents for on-street parking overnight was incorrect, and blamed a typo in the original report for the mistake.

They said charges would only apply to off-street areas.

Back tracked again
However, the council has since back-tracked, and said the plans to charge on-street between 6pm and 8am could now go ahead as planned.

It’s not clear why senior council finance officers who were at the meeting did not ‘correct’ this at the time.

A consultation over next year’s budget plans is underway, after the proposals were put before council bosses.

Cllr Wayne Whittle spoke out against the proposed parking charges and said:

“Small, free, limited waiting spaces are essential to traders. They have already got the internet against them, and we really need to help them.”

Petition gathering pace
A petition just short of 3,700 signatures protesting the introduction of parking charges in Ryde will be presented to the council next week.

Senior councillors will also meet with local business representatives to discuss the proposed charges.

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Update 15 Nov 18: Altered headline.

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Email updates?
Perhaps the council should levy a charge on people parking overnight in their driveways? Or how about bringing in the workplace parking levy? Why not have a levy on the supermarket parking spaces? Or maybe charge those queueing for the floating bridge? Why not charge those queueing for the ferries? Or maybe make the dual carriageway a toll-road? How about charging those queueing at the tip? Many… Read more »
Phil Jordan
This really is not the cohesive integrated parking policy for the Island that we were promised shortly after the conservatives were elected. That ‘strategy’ seems to have been simply increase parking charges by (around) 25% in April 2018 and promise a limited number of RPZ’s (resident parking zones). Now, we see charges for on and off street evening parking being added to this very short list. A… Read more »
I may have mentioned this before… Crocker Street car park next to the telephone exchange in Newport would be ideal for developing as a multistorey car park. Centrally located, just a stroll through to the High Street; would provide parking spaces in the correct location. Perfect for workers, shoppers, tourists and residents, this would help and provide proper regeneration for Newport. The residential streets would no longer… Read more »

Goodness, a planned strategy that was, then isn’t and now is – Fred Karno’s Army could do better than this bunch of half wits.


So will they have enforcement officers working night shifts? I can’t imagine that’s going to pay for itself.


I don’t understand this, how can Council policy be made on a typing mistake? On The Wight are you sure you have reported this correctly?

Sally Perry
Council policy is not being made on a typo and yes, I am sure we have reported this correctly. I was reporting live from the meeting last week where it was suggested by cabinet members there was a typo in the draft budget papers re charging for overnight on-street parking. Ian Ward confirmed to the leader that they DID NOT intend to charge for overnight onstreet parking… Read more »