Covid-19 social distance dots are inspiring bursts of creativity in Ventnor and beyond

These little blank canvases are too irresistible for those with a creative streak. Unique artworks are popping up all over the place

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Ventnor is well known on the Isle of Wight (and beyond) as being a town that attracts the creative and artistic among us.

So it was little surprise to see some take advantage of the many small round blank canvases that have appeared on the town’s pavements in recent weeks.

Graham Middleton tweeted News OnTheWight with some of the pieces he’d spotted in Ventnor (see below), and we also came across this beautifully vibrant chalk drawing around one of the dots on Pier Street, as well as the much-loved Ventnor lizards in a few places.

Artistic flourishes in Pier Street
Artistic flourishes in Pier Street

Reaching Ryde
However, Ventnor doesn’t have a monopoly on creativity on the Isle of Wight.

In Ryde this week, the Isle of Wight council gave permission for artists to share their talents as part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) project.

Artist Theresa Grimaldi (a Ventnornian) is working on the HSHAZ project and as you can see from the colourful pics and videos on the Instagram account they are having great fun in Ryde.

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Great use of a colander!

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A collage of photos from today…

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Warnings are ‘scaring off visitors’ claim
It certainly brightens up the flood of white social distance dots that Cllr Julie Jones Evans told this week’s council meeting were scaring off visitors to the towns.

Of course Ryde has sported the eponymous video game character, Pac Man, chomping away at the social distance dots on Union Street (maybe gone after the recent rain), but if you spot any other examples of artistic licence around the Island do let us know.

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