Letter: Ventnor’s wall lizards and glorious flora should be protected from herbicide sprays

Bridget was shocked to see the habitats of Ventnor’s much-loved wall lizards being sprayed with herbicides this week by Island Roads

poppies by side of road

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This from Bridget Boudewijn from Ventnor. Ed

In these strange times, when we cannot hug our friends and grandchildren for fear of an unseen enemy, the one thing that lifts my spirits is Nature in all its sparkling beauty: wild poppies in abundance, lizards glistening in every crack and crevice.

So, earlier this week, Island Roads arrived to spray all the kerbside habitats with (in my view) toxic herbicides.

Why? Their response was that it is written in their contract with the Council, so surely this needs reappraisal. 

Our wall lizards should be protected
Wild flowers are a glorious celebration of Nature. Ventnor wall lizards have colonised our Town over many years, loving our southerly aspect and micro-climate, becoming special and welcome inhabitants.

Ventnor wall lizard
© Benjamin Tonner

Surely, they should be afforded our protection as well as our wonder and affection!

News OnTheWight has posed a number of questions to Isle of Wight council about the herbicide used and will update once we hear back. Ed

Image: © Alpha Perry

Wednesday, 3rd June, 2020 5:27pm


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Many thanks for drawing our attention to this ‘vandalism’, Bridget. It is high time that Island Roads stopped using toxic herbicide. It is dangerous for people’s health – Roundup is ‘probably carcinogenic’, states the World Health Organisation, and yet it is on sale over the counter in garden centres, DIY stores, supermarkets, etc. all over the country. Herbicides like this are used to zap beautiful wild flower… Read more »
The same issue came up last year; I wrote to Island Roads and the council to complain. The council put me in touch with the Ventnor Town Council. Obviously noone cares in authority cares if the same thing has happened this year. A related note, the extensive destruction of trees on the steep banks of Middle Road and Limekiln chute will likely require reinforcement in the future… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Genocide! These are the only placed – like just that wall- that these lizards exist outside the Mediterranean. My son used them as an example to prove evolution at his school. All the ones on the wall are a similar colour to the wall, but across the footpath, maybe 2 metresa way there is a separate [population of green ones, the same colur as the foliage.