Cowes Floating Bridge still out of service and no word from Isle of Wight council

The Isle of Wight council failed to provide any updates on Twitter or Facebook since the bridge went out of service on Sunday

floating bridge suspended sign

The Cowes Floating Bridge went out of service on Sunday afternoon and on Monday morning is still not in operation.

It’s being said locally there is a problem with the generator that is affecting the electrics. A passenger launch is in operation.

No social media updates
The Isle of Wight council have still not put any updates out on their social media platforms Twitter and Facebook to alert users of the service of the disruption.

Follow the Floaty Finder Website or App to stay up to date on when the service is in use.

Monday, 6th January, 2020 8:55am



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Benny C
Just like the Island Roads debacle this looks like a contract administered appallingly by, in my view, substandard officers and overseen by underwhelming Councillors who simply do not have the intellectual tools for the job. All on Dave Stewart and Ian Wards watch. Basic common sense says it’s unacceptable on so many levels that public servants can repeatedly get away with poor delivery performance without being held… Read more »

Well said.


On and on and on we go! Pointless being sarcastis about this… it’s not as if they actually care any more,,, they have the St Marys roundabout to mess up now!


sarcastic, not sarcastis.

This is a similar but significantly worse situation to the Ventnor Haven debacle, Island Roads contract, Asda, St Mary’s roundabout and numerous others – remember Cowes Enterprise College? Councillors, both Independent and Conservative, have come and gone and still the overall results demonstrate a similar level of ineptitude. I do not know any of them nor do I have any political affiliations but there is a thread… Read more »