Cowes Week Sponsor Revealed (Update 4)

Aberdeen Asset Management named

After two years of not having a headline sponsor, Cowes Week has announced its new sponsor.

Royal Thames Yacht ClubAt a press conference held at the prestigious Royal Thames Yacht Club, in Knightsbridge, London, Aberdeen Asset Management was proudly unveiled.

Entry fees to be cut
Update 10:57: Those entering Cowes Week will be please to hear that, due to the new sponsorship, there will be a reduction in race entry fees.

Update 10:41: It’s being reported that “the firm will sponsor the week long sailing event for three years.”

Update 10:48:The Chief Exec of Aberdeen AM Martin Gilbert is quoted as saying that they hope to raise the companies brand awareness in the UK.

Option to extend beyond three years
He suggested to Money Marketing that the deal could extend beyond the initial three-year term. They quote him as saying, “We think this is a big step for our brand and we would look at other opportunities if they came along. If you look back 10 years ago, 75 per cent of our clients were in the UK and 25 per cent were abroad, that has now completely switched around as we have become a leading emerging markets provider and we would like to build up our UK client base.”

Slightly odd use of language from them at the end of the quote, “… we are very much looking forward to enhancing the experience of both crews and spectators who will descend upon the Isle of Wight later this year.”

What’s it going to be called?
The event is expected to be called Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week – so hopefully they’ll be ordering some extra long flags to fit the name on to.

Website live
They’ve got a Website up for it already called AMMCowesWeek

Friday, 28th January, 2011 10:37am



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Aberdeen Angus Cowes Week.

Well done VB, first in the world with the news.


“Skandia has done an amazing job in its time as sponsor in turning this into a great event. I am not sure we will do it to the same scale that they did but we will be inviting many IFAs to the event”

Sounds s***.
[Part of comment starred by Moderator]

Jonnyhotrod (redirects from “Since 1826 Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week has played a key part in the British sporting summer calendar and is one of the UK’s longest running and most successful sporting events. It now stages up to 40 daily races for around 1,000 boats and is the largest sailing regatta of its kind in the world. Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week is a fusion… Read more »
Cpt Carling

Shouldn’t it be “Since 1041
Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week has played a key part in the British sporting summer calendar…”

Being that 1041 was the time they took up the sponsorship deal? From memory, they were not the sponsor in 1826!


Surely there first step in raising their “brand awareness” would have been a punchier name? Suspect their brand will rarely get mentioned, whereas “Skandia Cowes Week” was much easier. Here’s hoping it works for them though!


Aberdeen Angus Week?


Aberdeen Week. No wait….