Crowdfunding campaign for electric race car launched by school

Ryde Academy have created a page to raise £3,357 needed to buy the kit and are seeking support from individuals and companies.

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Nat shares this latest news from Ryde Academy.

Building on their strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) programme so far, Ryde Academy are looking at their next project, having already worked with Vestas, designing wind turbine prototypes, and the Royal Navy, making and racing mini rocket cars.

The Academy wants to obtain a Greenpower Formula 24 electric race car kit. Greenpower Education Trust is a UK based charity which gets young people enthusiastic about science and engineering by challenging them to design, build and race an electric car.

Will engage 100s of students
The project will allow the Academy to run the challenge every year with just one kit. The curriculum will engage hundreds of students aged 11-16, learning maths, engineering, science and technological skills in a way that is both fun and accessible to all levels of learners.

Engaging students in projects such as this helps them apply the skills they learn in lessons in a real world way. This will benefit their learning and help them fulfil their potential by teaching them critical thinking skills.

Problem solving and team work
It also allows them to solve problems by working as a team and inspire them to think about potential careers in the STEM industries where currently there are shortages in many areas.

After the car is built it will be raced by the students at the annual Greenpower event.

Support the crowdfunder
Ryde Academy have created a crowdfunding page to raise the £3,357 need to buy the kit and are looking for individuals and companies to help sponsor the initiative.

Donations can be as small or large as every penny helps. If you don’t wish to contribute financially please share this news and the link to donate so that we can help our students to raise the funds for this amazing opportunity.

Organisations who donate £350 can also have their company name on the car and will also be added to a sponsor’s plaque in their STEM inspiration room.

Wednesday, 5th December, 2018 8:55am



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Alternative Perspective

I think I am, apologies


A great idea, island kids deserve opportunities like this as much as any organisation raising funds. There is a huge shortage of engineers designing life boats, helicopters and vehicles in the UK and this sort of thing might encourage them to choose alternative careers.

Me, I am speechless (well nearly). Yes, the projects are brilliant, but if you cannot afford it (in todays world of austerity) then do something you can afford. There are so many charities and this is not an essential by any means. If you want to give to charity give to a worthwhile needy charity which will help people who really need it or who do something… Read more »
Alternative Perspective

Ryde Academy crowd funding??

Three Grand is loose change for the Islands elite, surely?


I think you are thinking of Ryde private there AP!