Dinosaur Island App trail: Yaverland location

The Yaverland meteorite is located close to the Dinosaur Isle attraction, making it a great place to start the Dinosaur Island App trail.

Dinosaur Island App – Yaverland – Setting

The Meteorite is conveniently located near the car park on the esplanade (off Yaverland Road, B3395) on the Dinosaur Island App Trail.

Exit the car park, walking east of the cafe and head towards the Culver Cliffs. You’ll find the meteorite located on the ridge overlooking the sandy beach.

Whilst you are there, why not visit Dinosaur Isle. It’s home to the Island’s fossil and geological heritage and if you’re interested in dinosaurs, it’s a must see attraction.

Dinosaur Island App – Yaverland – Information sheet

Dinosaur Island App – Yaverland – Atrefacts

Tuesday, 18th June, 2013 10:30pm


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Mark L Francis

And were there any Edmontosaurus on the IOW?
Or rather this is picture because it was on telly.
They could at least have used the Iguanadon from Disney’s “Dinosaur.”