Eurovia express disappointment at deferred decision on asphalt permit

The company expected to supply asphalt for the Highways PFI contract say they’re working on contingency plans, after plant permit deferred.


Following the decision made by the Regulatory Committee on Monday to defer the decision on an application for an asphalt permit, Eurovia have expressed their disappointment.

David Binding from Eurovia told OnTheWight, “We are very disappointed that the Council have deferred the decision on approving the permit, but we are now committed to providing all of the additional information to meet the Council’s requirements.”

Binding: “Working on contingency plans”
David went on to say, “As previously stated we are still working on contingency plans are in place for the supply of asphalt, but we are not in a position to specify these arrangements as we are currently dealing with commercially confidential negotiations.”

The Highways PFI contract is due to start on 1st April 2013, with Island Roads aiming to complete their first tranche of work within six months.

Image: nerdcoregirl under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 27th February, 2013 12:29pm



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  1. Hmm.. I bet they ARE looking at their “contingency plans” not to mention their budget now that it looks like they will have to ferry over *every* lorry-load of asphalt to meet the PFI obligations rather than their obviously expected approval of the Cowes plant… Late start to the PFI work and future over-budget warnings to come then?

  2. James Luke

    27.Feb.2013 1:43pm

    It was disappointing that Eurovia chose not to attend the Regulatory Committee meeting. Had they done so they would have heard the very genuine and very real concerns of ordinary people.

    Eurovia are starting a 25 year relationship with Islanders and perhaps should try harder to engage with the local community.

    At the very least they could be open and explain how they are going to honour the contract. Even better … they could work with Islanders to identify a suitable location away from residential communities that already experience childhood asthma rates that are 39% higher than average.

    • Angry Bod

      27.Feb.2013 3:02pm

      Yup James – might I add “to identify a suitable location away from residential & tourism related communities”?

      Then yes Eurovia, please come to the table and lets discuss the “where” – God knows we need the jobs – and there must be somewhere on the Isle to set up a plant away from tourism & residential concerns, even offshore ??

      • James Luke

        27.Feb.2013 4:34pm

        It was also frustrating to hear their Agent say that they operate two other plants in the UK without complaint. He then added that the Bardon Vectis plant had never had a complaint.

        However, he didn’t seem able to appreciate that the big difference is location – neither the other Eurovia plants nor the BV site are in sensitive locations.

  3. Surely Eurovia said approval for the asphalt plant was not a condition of completing their PFI contract, then they should already have a cast iron back up plan already in place. Lets hope the new council after 2nd May have the sense to stamp out this dangerous, and in Eurovia’s own words, unneccessary plant which will blight the Medina Valley and the lives of those who either side of it.

    • Island Monkey

      27.Feb.2013 6:04pm

      Some loads of tarmac already come over by ferry, because that can be less expensive than Bardon Vectis.

      The real problem is the material needs to be laid hot and ‘goes-off’ very quickly in the lorries that carry it. Estimating the exact quantity required is difficult. Importing this very perishable commodity means wasting a lot of it. The costs to our PFI contractor will be much higher than they have budgeted. No wonder they are disappointed to have to wait three months.

  4. Mason Watch

    27.Feb.2013 6:27pm

    An old IOW CC employee told me some months ago that on a past road contract it was cheaper for tarmac to be delivered from a producer near Warminster than buy from Bardon Vectis. This was despite the ferry and transport costs and having to account for the needs of keeping it warm. This raises a number of questions……….

  5. I do not believe it

    28.Feb.2013 8:56am

    Eurovia’s contingency plan, if their desire to build their noxious asphalt plant in Cowes is refused or delayed, is, I can confidently reveal, to build their asphalt plant in Calshot.

    The main benefit will be that all the fumes and particulates from the Eurovia asphalt plant will mingle with all the fumes and particulates from the Esso refineary and thus it will be difficult to pin any liability on their manufacturing.

    To minimize production and delivery delays Eurovia would have to build and shoot a bridge across the Solent from Calshot Chimney to achieve a landfall in the lawns and gardens of the Royal Yacht Squadron.

    I think everyone will agree that this is a good solution and better than utilizing the existing Bardon plant on the island.

    Oh! Sorry! I have just realised that I ripped-off both February and March from our wall calendar. I thought it was April 1st!

  6. I do not believe it

    28.Feb.2013 9:01am

    Further news! The Royal Squadron Building will be transformed into a Transport Caff for lorry drivers. Keep this confidential please. I can keep secrets – it’s the people that I tell who can’t.


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