Find Isle of Wight business to deliver to your home with the just-launched ‘A to Z to Me’ Website

This just-launched Website, created by Islanders for Islanders, will help those living on the Isle of Wight find which business will deliver to their homes – Goods of all sorts and is free to use

Screen grab of the website A to Z to Me

A Website – A to Z to Me – is being launched today to help people who live on the Isle of Wight find out which businesses will deliver goods to their homes during the Coronavirus (Covd-19) outbreak (and beyond). 

It’s been put together by a tiny Isle of Wight team, with all of us putting our time in for free.

Ian Winter of HomePage Media came up with the idea and has done the coding – OnTheWight and Matt & Cat have been madly contributing to the project over the last ten days. It’s all come together remarkably quickly.

Easy to use
We all hope it’s as easy to use as possible – simply select the closest town to you; pick a list of items you’d like to have delivered and then click to show the list of all of the suppliers who will be available to you.

Visit A to Z to Me to find out who will deliver to you home.

Help your neighbour
If you’ve got people in your local neighbourhood who don’t have computers, you can help them too – The system has been designed to help those without computers. Simply do a search based in your town (or nearest), then print out the list for them to put on their fridge – they can then call the businesses to place their orders.

How can you help?
The majority of the entries on the site are currently food and drink related, that’s because Cat of Matt & Cat fame has been flexing her food-related knowledge and verifying this with the people they know.

What we need now is for Islanders to enter companies that they know are doing deliveries (companies can do it themselves of course). This is really simple – just set-up an account and you’re away.

That not only boosts those businesses, circulating money within the Island, but helps the people who need the goods delivered.

Share away!
If you don’t know of businesses, you can help by passing this on to people you know – everyone gains.

Great work done on Facebook groups
Talking of sharing – There are a load of Coronavirus-related Facebook groups and pages doing great stuff in helping people with useful information. Sadly, where Facebook falls down is that information can quickly slip out of view to where others can’t find it – it’s just the way that Facebook works.

To tackle this, a bunch of us got together to create this free Website to connect at-home Islanders to Isle of Wight businesses that will deliver various things to them.

We’re not looking to tread on any toes – just wanting to get things done for the greater good (™ Hot Fuzz).

Friday, 27th March, 2020 3:30pm



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My daughter told me about this, it’s absolutely brilliant, well done to those who have worked so hard to create it, it is much appreciated.