First Isle of Wight Covid-19 death for several weeks is recorded

The death was recorded in an Isle of Wight care home in the week up to 17th July. Details within

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For the first time in several weeks the Office for National Statistics has recorded the death of an Isle of Wight resident where the registered cause is Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The death in a care home was registered in the week up to 17th July 2020 and brings the total number of Islanders who have died after testing positive for Covid-19 to 83.

This figure is made up of 39 deaths in hospital, three deaths at home, one at the hospice and now 40 deaths in care homes.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of those affected, as well as with the care and NHS staff who have worked so hard to help save lives.

No rise in confirmed cases
There are currently 421 confirmed Covid-19 cases for the Isle of Wight. This is the cumulative figure and includes those who recover as well as those who have lost their lives.

Earlier this month Joe Smyth, chief operating officer for acute and ambulance services for the trust, said,

“NHSI has been very clear — there is a huge potential here for a second wave.”

Coronavirus wards at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust will remain for at least another nine months, in case of any further outbreaks of the virus.

Image: annie spratt under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 28th July, 2020 4:59pm



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Angela Hewitt

very, very sad and depressing


What was the actual cause of death ?

In the Daily Mail on Monday 27/07/20 there is a letter stating a lady of 91 died of natural causes but had Covid 19 put on the death certificate because it was easier and that the family are now taking action to have the death certificate corrected.


I think you know that if you read that in the Daily Mail, it’s nonsense.