Free addiction recovery workshops coming to the Isle of Wight

Chris Hill’s programme has helped people stop smoking, drinking, taking drugs, gambling, over-spending, deal with sugar addiction, anxiety, stress and depression. Details within.

Chris Hill

Therese shares details of these upcoming workshops. Ed

Addiction expert and best-selling author Chris Hill brings his highly successful addiction recovery programme to the Isle of Wight.

Supported by the Rob Hill Foundation (Charity no. 1181220) the weekly workshops and support groups are offered completely free of charge.

Effective and fast-working
Chris’s programme is effective and fast-working with people completely turning their lives around within a matter of weeks. He has helped people stop smoking, drinking, taking drugs, gambling, over-spending, deal with sugar addiction, anxiety, stress and depression.

Chris’s programme has also helped those suffering with phobias, OCD, eating disorders and more. This workshop will be a much needed asset to the island with over 600 residents using opiates and a significant proportion of users being under the age of 24.

Success stories
On Chris’s programme, we have seen people kick a cocaine habit within weeks, become reunited with family and return to their jobs and sometimes even find the courage to quit a job and get a new one.

With addiction being a huge contributor to relationship breakdown, job loss and even homelessness – we’re hoping this new service will have a great and positive impact on the community and the economy of the Island over time.

Mayor to attend launch
We’re very pleased and honoured that the Mayor of Ryde Cllr Michael Lilley has agreed to attend the launch of the workshops:

Thursday 27th June 2019 5pm – 7pm
Aspire Trinity Buildings Dover Street, Ryde Isle of Wight PO33 2BN

We have also invited Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health Cllr Clare Mosdell and the MP Bob Seely.

Who is Chris Hill?
Chris is a Lived Experience Practitioner having beaten over 20 years of addiction to drugs, alcohol and nicotine. After trying dozens of conventional methods, paying for expensive addiction consultants, trying hypnosis, medications, rehab, and none of it working … Chris then discovered the answer to reversing addiction by gaining an understanding of the subconscious mind and the role it plays in addiction and habitual behaviour. Chris has been free of all addictions for over 12 years.

Tragically, in 2014 Chris lost his twin Rob Hill to an accidental drug overdose on a night out and after experiencing the trauma of such a loss – he decided that some good must come of Rob’s death. His purpose in life then became to share his addiction recovery programme with as many people as possible.

Sparked a book
So he wrote a book Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction, from it, he extracted a 7-Day Beat Addiction Plan and began setting up help and support groups.

He funded these himself for two years before setting up The Rob Hill Foundation. The purpose of the charity is to ensure that money and opportunity is never a barrier to recovery.

  • Chris was invited to present his model in Washington DC to the Director of NIDA National Institute of Drug Abuse (an organisation of the top drug scientists in the world).
  • On meeting HRH Prince Charles, The Prince confided in him that he had lost many friends through addiction and asked that Chris become an addiction adviser to The Prince’s Trust.
  • Chris won the BVSC Award for Services to the Community in Health & Wellbeing
  • He has spoken in front of the House of Commons on the subject of sugar addiction being a huge contributor to rising obesity and almost epidemic increases in diabetes.
  • He runs workshops in prisons and has been invited by the two prisons on the Isle of Wight to hold addiction workshops September this year.
  • Chris’s system has seen thousands of people recover from some of the worst drugs and life situations, completely transforming their lives and those of their children and partners.

What’s so different about this?

  • No willpower is involved
  • No medications – this is an education-based programme.
  • No religious aspects
  • Very high success rate – long-term

Tuesday, 18th June, 2019 5:08pm



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Does anyone know how to sign up for these workshops? Do you just need to attend the launch, or do you need a referral from a GP or similar? I can’t find this information in the article. Thanks


@cactus, its being held at aspire in ryde on thursdays from 730pm till 9pm. Its a drop in service so no referal needed. Different recovery formats work for different people.