Full Council Meeting: Live Reporting: Updated

The day the Isle of Wight education system changed from three to two tier – Reporting live from the council chamber at County Hall, as it happened.

Full Council meeting has just started at County Hall. VB are reporting live from the chamber. You can read the recommendations of the officer over on the IWC Website.

Full Council Meeting: Live Reporting: UpdatedWe’ll endeavour to give as close a representation of what is being discussed as is possible.

Please refresh your browser window to see the numbered updates.

[18:08:05] Declarations of interest – family members in education system, governorships, etc. Couple of personal and prejudicial interests – people’s relatives working in schools.
[18:08:38] (This is the longest list I’ve heard in the chamber before)
(While list long list is going on … It’s worth noting that there’s a statement coming up from David Pugh touches on Vestas; school improvements; Town + Parish Councils)

[18:13:21] Public question time starts
David Millar, Cowes: School transport question – Not treated all proposals as related as DCSF suggests. Asking the leader to comment

Update 1:
Cllr Pugh: Quite a complex answer containing “deciding not to decide”

Next Q: David (Ventnor) Boniface school governor: Can you confirm if new school is dependent on 2 form entry?

Cllr Pugh: Possible, but could be considerably delayed. We’ll explore two 1-form entries.

Next Q: Mike Stark: Economical with truth is not good. Papers say that Diocesis is in favour of recommendations. This isn’t the case with Chale as Diocesis say Chale should joing with another. In addition, Chale meetings were blocked.

[18:24:09] Cllr Pugh: Diocesis have been very supportive of overall direction of the changes. Chale meetings: there’s been lots. I dispute that we’ve been economical with the truth.

–end of questions

[18:24:22] Cllr Pugh now on the lecturn
This is the final step for this long process of change from 3 to 2 tier
Representations have been taken all along with the community

Take comfort from very few representations from the public. Some may say frustration at the process – I wouldn’t agree.

Many people have said that we should “just get on with it”
Like to focus on why we’re doing this.
2 tier offered best model.
Align with the rest of the country.
Be easier to recruit teachers (Other reasons also given)
The change was backed up at the ballot box.
Clear mandate from the Island.

Update 2:
Full council can express a view tonight, but the actual decision will be made at the Cabinet meeting tomorrow.

7th school not being deciding tonight, but in the next few weeks (didn’t get the name).

Statutory and competition notices need to be made tonight. Last Nov (2008) decided that we put secondary schools be put out to competition.

Why didn’t LA bid to run schools?

[18:34:01] IWC would be best placed if we didn’t bid. Conflicts if we did.

LA run as a commissioning body – arms length. A “critical friend” to the successful bidders running the schools.

Update 3:
Option A is being ruled out. Tonight we are making an “in principle” decision as to who would run the schools.

A single supplier was considered, but ruled out. Diversity test part of the reason.

On and off Island bidders gives us the best balance.

Academies + non concerned expressed to me. We’ll look into splitting some on the extra monies that Academy get to the other non-Academy.

Direct control of Academy (currently weak) will probably be brought down to local areas in the future, so IWC would regain that control.
On-Island accountability of Academy will, we think, be retained long term

(Something about the funding of Sandown and Ryde)

[18:44:35] Cllr Pugh finishes.

Update 4:
Independents to speak. Chris Welsford – 15 mins

General view of Independent group.
Each member will vote as they see fit.
Stat notices – questions asked have not been answered adequately.
Authority has just given a simple denial. It’s very dispiriting.
Changes that have been made have been down to public pressure.
We now have a “one size fits all” – but it should be done community-by-community solutions.
Some communities are very happy, others are not.

Ventnor + Chale – We intend to vote against the proposals as a group.

Here’s the reasons. Chale primary is a beautiful school. There’s no reason not to have a small school of 100 children there. (It’s now 30)

Chale has become a “corp celeb” for the two tiers. Closing chale will only give the benefit of a few pence a day to other Island school children.

Ventnor: We have 3 primaries and 1 secondary. Ventnor is a significant town on the Island. We deserve a secondary school.

What we’re going to get is a reflection of what happened in the ’70s.

I don’t believe that Ventnor residents as a whole want this to happen.

With a Christian lead school – families of other faiths sould find it difficult to live with this.

Update 5: (still Cllr Welsford)
The are additional costs for transport (CW had said 500k – 3m extra)
There’s also additional mileage generated
I don’t thing that we’ve properly calculated additional transport costs. It’s a dereliction of the IWC duty
On Academies, we have differences in the independent group.
I think AET bid for all of the schools is a missed opportunities.
Splitting them could lead to a sink school
Summary – this is an opportunity that has been lost. Stoke on Trent, Northampton on the mainland have had serious failings

Summary: urge you to vote against Ventnor and Chale

Next Reg Barry: we support move to two tiers. If we’d have one two elections ago, our children would be in a two tier scheme now

Parents and children of the Island have been the losers from this not happening earlier. Is the funding of this still going to be available.

We don’t support Option D + E. The schools aren’t accountable enough.

The schools aren’t accountable enough.

Update 6:
Cllr Sutton said that I don’t remember the conversation.

Reg Barry: If you say I’m lying take me to the standards Board.

Geoff Lumley: it’s staggering that it’s taken 7 years to get to this point. It’s shameful.

Trusts and Academies go against everything that I stand for.

When Medina went to be a trust, I stood down as governor

Academies – there are no failing schools on the Island.

What happens if DCSF don’t approve the Academies? Will the IWC just wait.

By having Ryde and Sandown as Academies – we are letting the running of those to go off Island.

[19:08:44] Cllr Bacon: I’m prob here because of schools reorg. I want to make a general point.

The process should be about taking the views of the people. I don’t think that this has been prop done.

St Helen’s meeting – whole hour of talking summarised into 23 words. Independent panel said St Helen’s was viable, but the IWC had previously said it was completely unviable.

What we are voting on now will have an effect for the next 30 – 40 years.

If we (councillors) believe in community, we should vote in that way, not in a “one size fits all”

Don’t vote with your political allegiance, but at a community level.

[19:13:00] Going to vote – Cllr Lumley is asking for a named vote on 10 of the issues. (Each councillor will be accountable for their votes)

Back to Cllr Pugh: Para 93. Addressing the view of others into the process. Some of the comments have been contradictory. I would contest that we’re not looking at a community level.

At all stages from now, we able to reevaluate the suggestions
(Para 93 now) Pages 40-49 appendix B. Consultation has been correct.

Moving to a vote, looking for a seconder. Asking if Cllr Cousins would second, so she can talk.

Update 7:
[19:18:57] Cllr Cousins: As lead member for children. Intend to improve performance. Five aims will be met.

Geoff Lumley: consultation flawed in two areas. Consultation with bidders was the week before the end of school before summer hoildays. Bad idea.

Comments on Statutory papers don’t appear to reflect what actually happened. ( A little applause from public gallery)

Cllr Pugh: There’s never an ideal time for these things, but pre-summer school holidays meeting were needed then, due to timetabling of all events.

Re responses to schools, it’s normal for council not to provide detailed responses, but an acknowledgment.

Cllr Pugh: I’m happy for Cllr Welsford to speak.

Cllr Welsford: It’s not that there wasn’t a consultation, but it was the way it was carried out. I feel that you haven’t consulted adequately.

Cllr Pugh: Notices in the CP weren’t full, but the full version were available to the public. (Voting on Para 93)

30 for (Cons + others). 7 against.

(On to para 94 + 95 now)
Wording of original recommendations of school closures have changed to be the same through out.

Update 8:
[19:36:54] Now Downside Middle. Proposal to close. Seconded by Cllr Counsins
Cllr Lumley: It’s at the heart of my ward. It’s had problems, but the governors have gathered around. It’s ironic that the biggest planning appication in Island history is going over, that the school at the middle of Pan is being closed.
Cllr Pugh: Yes Pan will need a new primary school because of the expansion

The Vote: 29 For; 7 Against

Nodehill Middle School now. Cllr Welsford: it’s an outstanding school. Very disappointing. (Cllr Julie Jones-Evans left the chamber before this)

The Vote: 29 For; 8 Against; 2 Abst

Carisbrooke High: To discontinue. No speakers.
The Vote 31 For; 6 Against; 0 Abst

Medina High: To Discontinue:
The Vote: 32 For: 5 Against; 0 Abst

Newport (Carisbrooke): Most proposals received were for AET, none for MIT. IWC think MIT would be better.

Talk of Medina is having a hostile take over of Carisbrooke. I don’t think this is the case ( DP saying all of these things about school closures)

Cllr Reg Barry: I’m not against Trusts.

Cllr Lyons: Having read docs from governors, I see there will be one executive head teacher under federation. If two good head teachers, they should be fine by themselves.

Cllr Howell: I want to be assured that standards the teachers have built up will be maintained.

Cllr Lumley: Medina school is a great school with a great head.

Trust (local) will be best. One with a track record. A vote for Trust will protect this Island.

Cllr Stephens: I was against 2 tier for many years. Once vote to close school has been made, I will then look for the best solution for the schools.

Cllr Welsford: I think one co should have looked after all schools – AET. Will vote in favour as the schools clearly want that.

DP: What we doing here is making a vote in principle for a bidder. There will be discussions to see how this will take place in a practical way.

[20:01:14] The Vote (named) – (All in support are standing)

Update 9:
Cllr Pugh, Cllr Stephens (Too many to type fast enough)
(It was all of them) None against or abst. 37 for

Newport (Fairlee) secondary.
Some responses said AET others MIT. IWC think MIT. The Vote (named)
All in favour (37)

Arreton CE VC Primary: Federation with Oakfield and increase upper age limit:
The Vote: 33 For; 3 against; 1 abst

Barton Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 33 For; 3 Against; 1 Abst

(Going to be a break shortly)

Carisbrooke Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 34 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

Hunnyhill:Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 34 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

Newport Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 32 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst (two people left chamber)

[20:13:34] Nine Acres (says Nine Aces on the big screen): Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 34 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

St Thomas Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 34 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

Summerfields Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 34 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst (this has been Geoff Lumley the whole time I think)

Update 10:
(Rumours circulating that Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox left the Conservative group tonight. She’s not in the chamber)

Solent Middle: To discontinue.
The Vote: 30 For; 7 Against; 1 Abst (not Cllr Lumley)

Somerton Middle school: Discontinue.
The Vote: 31 For; 7 Against (not sure how this can be right – too many)

Cowes High; Discontinue.
The Vote 34 For; 4 Against

Cowes Secondary: CPP as foundation / trust school:
Cllr Mazillius: The leader has made good points. I’ve been a governor for over 10 years

(Cllr Julie Jones Evans re-entered the chamber when the Newport schools had been dealt with. She’s back in and voting again now it’s on Cowes)

The Vote (named) All in favour. 38 For

Cowes Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote 35 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

Gurnard Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 35 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

Love Lane Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 35 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

Northwood Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
Cllr Mazillius: Everyone around the area supports this – teachers and parents
The Vote: 35 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

_East Cowes area now
Osborne Middle: Discontinue
The Vote: 30 For; 7 Against; 0 Abst

East Cowes Primary: Discontinue
Cllr Pugh – IWC did apply for something (sorry missed it), but it wasn’t allowed.
The Vote: 32 For; 4 Against; 1 Abst

Whippingham Primary: Discontinue.
The Vote: 32 For; 4 Against; 1 Abst

[20:53:19] (It’s thought that the reason all of the schools are being voted on individually (not voted in one block), is that as one Island parent objected to all schools.)

New East Cowes Primary (to establish a new primary – EWO community schools group to run foundation (trust school)
The Vote: 37 For.

Holy Cross: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote 34 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

Update 11:
_Ryde area
Bishop Lovett: Discontinue
Governors object notice, the school was judged as outstanding
The Vote: 30 For; 8 Against

Mayfield: Discontinue.
The Vote: 29 For; 8 Against; 1 Abst

Swanmore Middle: Discontinue
The Vote: 31 For; 6 Against; 1 Abst

Ryde High: Discontinue
The Vote: 34 For; 4 Against

Ryde secondary: Establish new secondary school + AET to run it as a Trust
Cllr Pugh: I don’t think having an academy run by an organisation off the Island is selling it out. People have said there wasn’t going to be money to fund the academy. We, as a council, have to make the undertaking to make changes, the proposer (academy) will them ask for the money.
IWC feel that AET is the best to run it.

Cllr Lumley: Suggest an amendment. That East Wight Education Trust run the school. I believe you as a local authority will not have any control over AET. It will be with a Minister.

AET has had staffing problems recently. After so much change at Cowes, staff problems are the last thing we need.

It appears the main criticism is that they don’t have a track record
(That last comments was about East Wight Trust)

Cllr Pugh: (on the amendment) What if local bids are not up to it! Officers think East Wight Education Trust fulfill all needs. Also no track records.

(More rumours circulating: Councillor Wyatt-Millington has apparently been ‘allowed’ by the ruling party to vote to save Chale – we will of course see if this rumour is true shortly)

Cllr Pugh talking about Sandown presentation – pointing out that one bidder (can’t remember) was pushing their ‘local” issues – he found it objectionable (or word to that effect)

Named vote on amendment:
For: Lumley, Barr, Howe, Knowles, Richards
Rest against, except
Abst: Cllr Welsford

The Vote (named): majority for (30)
Against: Lumley; Barry; Howe; Richards: Joyce abstained
1 Abst

Update 12:
Binstead Primary: (age limit): The Vote: 32 For; 2 Against

Dover Park: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 32 For; 2 Against

Haylands Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
Cllr Stephens: It’s in the same area an another school is being enlarged and Ryde High. Not a good idea. He’s suggesting moving it to Swanmore. It’s fraught with all sorts of problems.

Cllr Churchman: I support Cllr Stephens. Constituents are concerned as to how it’s going to be done.

Cllr Pugh: Haylands current 2 form entry. Ultimately will move to Swanmore (lots more, but hard to follow )
The Vote; 28 For; 8 Against

Greenmount Primary:
The Vote: 28 For; 8 Against

Oakfield Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit, increase admissions.
The Vote: 34 For; 3 Against; 3 abst

St Mary’s Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote 33 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

Wooton Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 33 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

Forelands Middle: Discontinue
The Vote: 28 For; 7 Against

Bembridge Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote 31 For; 3 Against; 1 Abst

Nettleton Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 31 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

_Sandown / Shanklin area
Lake Middle: Discontinue
The Vote 30 For; 5 Against

Sandham Middle: Discontinue
The Vote: 30 For; 5 Against

Sandown High: Discontinue
Cllr Pugh mentioned that something wasn’t done properly – not clear if that was a comment from a parent, or from him
The Vote: 32 For; 3 Against; 1 Abst

(Two items – not schools – have been held over until the next meeting. Thank goodness)

Sandown Secondary: Establish a new school; AET to runs as an Academy
Cllr Pugh: School now too big, as is entry form. Schools buildings are in a bad way too. AET is the best match.
Cllr Lumley: proposed amendment, as a Foundation Trust, not an Academy

The Vote (named) Amendment.
4 for (Lumley; Howe; Barry, Richards); 29 against; 3 Abst (Churchman; Joyce; Welsford)

The (main) Vote: 29 For; 5 Against; 3 abst

Update 13:
Sandown Primary: Discontinue
The Vote 29 For; 4 Against; 1 Abst

Cllr Pugh: This is a good example of a suggestion that has come from the community (Sandown / St John’s amalgamated)

Cllr Humber: glad that they not going to close

St John’s Primary:
The Vote 31 For; 3 against; 1 Abst

Sandown / St John’s (amalgamate + establish new C of E CV school) The Vote 32 For; 1 against; 1 abst

Broadlea Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 30 For; 2 Against; 2 Abst

Gatten + Lake Primary): Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
Cllr Williams: what potential for a new building?
Cllr Pugh: Not immediately, but some time down the line
The Vote: 28 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

Newchurch Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 31 For; 2 Against; 1 Abst

(I know how important this is for the people concerned, but covering it is so boring. Really knackered)

Shanklin Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 31 For; 2 Against; 1 abst

_Ventnor / South Wight
Ventnor Middle: Discontinue
Cllr Pugh: Cllr Welsford said it’s Rural, officers don’t include. EduBase don’t define it as Rural, but Urban

Cllr Scoccia seconded the motion

Cllr Welsford: Number of objections are considerable. Proposal does nothing to improve co-hesion of local area.

Children will need to travel to Newport from age 11. Bus travel is hard for the children.

Urge member to vote against it, but I don’t hold much hope.

Cllr Pugh: We wouldn’t leave one middle school open and the rest of them closed.

The Vote: 24 For; 9 Against; 2 Abst

Chale Primary (dis): 24 objections
Cllr Pugh: it’s considered that DCSF guidance has been followed. Not all people who live in Chale use the school – so it could be viewed as unpopular. 5 is average annual intake. Federation could be possible, but no proposals put forward. Open for school to have a further windows.

Cllr Whiteman: propose federated examination or other. Community feel that they were dictated to by IWC and the church. There shouldn’t be a one size fits all for Primary education. School transport for extended school activities – didn’t get my questions answered. How will parent get to school if no car.

Diocesis have changed with view over the last few months. There’s a Conservative party paper on Rural schools. Acknowledge that school governors were tardy, but they felt there were no options. Small schools, children are treated differently. (That was all Councillor Wyatt Millington).

Cllr Howe: Second amendment: if we can minimise changes that’s good. Propose federation.

Cllr Welsford: Support it. Very important.

Cllr Bacon : support. Interesting to hear a Conservative speaking so passionately about saving an Island Primary School. Lots of representations from Chale community organisations and RCC. If you take a school out of a community, you take the heart out. This school deserves a bit more time.

Cllr Pugh: There is potential to explore other options. Federation is the only way forward. It cannot exist in its own right.

(Obv not a surprise that this came up – Cllr Pugh has a slide prepared with all of the wording on it)

Summary: it’s a two month window to look into it.

Cllr Wyatt-Millington: I’m unhappy about the limit of two months. Would it be an in principle agreement within that period?

The Vote on Wyatt’s amendment. 13 For; 22 Against

All non Conservatives (excluding Wyatt) voted for it, Tories against it. (Amazed to see a conservative break ranks)

Cllr Bacon: I’m not sure we’ve been able to speak on second amendment. I mentioned two months off hand, worrying that it’s what Cllr Pugh was thinking.

Wonder if Cllr Wyatt Millington had another time limit to suggest?

Cllr Wyatt Millington: I believe it’s not long enough, but have sympathy that the IWC need to move forward

Cllr Lumley: We need a time limit. Everyone voted to rid a school in my area, which is prob the strongest Community around.

The Vote on The leader’s amendment: Everyone. Cllr Bingham Abstained

Cllr Pugh: Glad that there is agreement

Update 14:
St Boniface Primary: Discontinue
(27 representations)
Cllr Pugh: Favour joint faith school. Consultation don’t show that the public in Ventnor don’t favour the single school. I recommend that we stick to the proposed (Scoccia seconds)

Cllr Welsford: Cllr Pugh says Sec of State supported this, but I don’t hear of him coming.

People of Ventnor elected me on this basis, twice. The Leader is wrong that people want it.

This is also with the Local Gov Ombudsman, receiving renewed attention. Lots of parents who live in lower Ventnor will end up short changed, having to travel all the way to Upper Ventnor. What worries me, the community of Ventnor never had an explanation of what a joint faith school would be.

People associated with the ‘new’ school said, “We are not offering a melting pot for all faiths”.

(Having to extend beyond 11pm, for it to remain legal)

St Boniface: Discontinue
The Vote: 24 For; 10 Against; 1 Abst

St Margaret’s Primary: Discontinue
Scoccia Seconded
The Vote: All Tories + Cllr Barry & Cllr Howe For
Cllr Dixey + Cllr Dyer abstained; 10 against
24 For; 10 Against; 1 abst

St Wilfred’s Primary: Discontinue
The Vote: For all Tories + Cllr Barry + Cllr Howe; Cllr Dyer Abst
24 For; 10 Against; 1 abst

New CE / Catholic Ventnor Primary (establish a new school)
Cllr Pugh option for two schools in Ventnor. Upper and lower, religious and non.

Cllr Pugh is typing in the amendment live (not a bad typing speed either)

Ventnor Amendment

(Applause from councillors)

Cllr Welsford: talk of possible federation between two Ventnor schools.

Cllr Scoccia: I don’t know where the idea of a community school comes from. Choice at the moment for non religious at the moment – Wroxall and Niton. I urge to vote against.

Cllr Bacon: I support Cllr Welsford. Concern as to what is happening in Ventnor. I also hear about diversity. Other areas have had it, but it’s being ignored in Ventnor.

[23:16:35] Cllr Brown: Are there no time limits on this one?
Cllr Pugh: it would happen within a 2-3 month period. Consultation has to be done within term time.

In favour: opposition + Wyatt (Tory!)
Against: The Conservatives
Cllr Dyer: Abst

The Vote: 10 For; 21 Against; 1 Abst

Cllr Scoccia: I ask for your support for a combined school. It’s never known if there’s enough intake every year. Heard that capital funding has been secured. It’ll be the biggest investment in Ventnor for many years.

If there is an objection to a Church schools other are available in Niton and Wroxall.

Perhaps Member for Ventnor East should have taken more time to speak to the teachers of Ventnor.

I’m concerned about travel. Yes children will leave the the town two years earlier. It’s nonsense that the town is against this. I only found one opposer.

No one has told me that they haven’t been consulted.

Cllr Welsford: Shame I’ve got to speak about this, but I cannot let the comments from Cllr Scoccia. Parents without cars cannot take their children to Wroxall or Niton.

I don’t agree that this is the right thing for Ventnor. I don’t take kindly to being told that I’m not representing the people of Ventnor. I’ll get behind this, but I’ll be watching.

The Vote:
All Conservatives For; Stephens; Barry; Howe; Dyer Abst; rest against
22 For; 5 Against; 4 abst

Niton Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
Cllr Wyatt: There is a problem with parking in the area. An extra two form will make it harder.
The Vote: 29 For; 2 Abst

_West Wight
West Wight Middle: Discontinue
The Vote: 26 For; 4 Against

All Saints Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 29 For; 3 Abst

Brighstone Primary:
The Vote 30 For; 2 abst

St Saviours: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote; 29 For; 3 Abst

Weston Primary: Enlarge and increase upper age limit.
The Vote: 29 For; 1 Against; 2 Abst

(End of schools,but two more paras)

Cllr Pugh: Wouldn’t affect movements of pupils in 2010

(Para 96 – move date from 2010 to 2011 for Academy)

The Vote: 29 For; 1 Against; 1 Abst

Cllr Bacon: Seeking assurance that if there is a problem, can the discussion be brought to a public meeting.

[23:44:10] Cllr Pugh: happy to do that.

The Vote: 29 For; 1 Abst

(Para 98 I the £400k extra for transport)
Parents of children up to 11 (new primary top age)

Cllr Lumley: Where’s the money coming from? Will it be job loses? Reduction in school grants because of Academies?

Cllr Stephens: Echo Cllr Lumley. My concerns are what it will be in five years? It’s £400,000 a year. How will we meet the stead increase in costs?

[23:51:08] Cllr Pugh: Happy to provide detailed breakdown. Will be changing the way the teams work within the Council. Officers have done a fair amount of detailed work on this.

Wroxall to Ventnor Middle highlighted as an example of safer routes to school.

We currently provide home to school transport for Christ the King.

The Vote: 26 For; 1 Against; 3 Abst

(Para 99 – the last item!)
Cllr Mazillius: Thank you to the leader and the chairman. In 11 years – haven’t seen such a tour de force, such as the leader. This started in 2005. Patrick Joyce embraced them with great vigor. He suffered severe abuse from teachers. It’s a shame that he couldn’t join us in the changes now.

The Vote: 30 For

[00:00:37] All done. Midnight finish

Wednesday, 30th September, 2009 6:20pm


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Fantastic VB…really nice to follow CW comments..seems a real opposition at last..at least one that is harder to ignore


Absolutely, well done (again) on up to the minute coverage. I can’t get to these meetings but your live reporting means I don’t have to wait until tomorrow to hear the results of the votes.

Good to hear Chris Welsford and Jonathan Bacon speaking out for schools.


I know Chris echoes the views of many in Ventnor. It’s a shame that they were not as vocal during the consultation. Good on ya VB for the updates. It’s reminded me that I need to renew my subscription.

Steephill Jack

It’s so predictable and it makes no sense, but so sad to see it happen.

Wendy V

Thanks for the live coverage VB. Couldn’t get there myself tonight so really appreciate it.


Heard Laura not well nothing to do with leaving the party .
Good reporting nice when you cant get there in person

Sally Perry

Thanks everyone for your kind comments about our coverage – it’s a two man job, so if you know of a company that would sponsor the live coverage do get in touch.

Wendy V

I feel strangely numb now it’s coming to the crunch.

Wendy V

The long list of schools (and the length of the meeting!) shows the massive scale of the reorg. Hope to goodness the funds are there.


No Mention of the Carisbrooke High vote. What has happened there? Very good reporting thanks, better than the dead tree press!

Sally Perry

Carisbrooke High: To discontinue. No speakers.
The Vote 31 For; 6 Against; 0 Abst

Also look under the long discussion for “Newport (Carisbrooke):” above.


Thanks Sal you are a star!


Did anyone else realise that the word ‘Scoccia’ means ‘to annoy’. Well she certainly has tonight by seconding the disastrous plans for Ventnor. What a surprise.

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Do you reckon they’ll be finished by midnight?

Sally Perry

They might just squeeze it in. Five minutes to go and they’re on the last item!

Wendy V

They finished seconds after midnight… had the coach turned back into a pumpkin?

Wendy V

Glimmer of hope – a “window” – being offered to Chale. Only thing so far to have veered away from the recommendations.

Wendy V

Oh, but hang on, the vote’s in and seems to be against the “window” and for closure. Is that right?

Wendy V

I’m a bit lost now. Was that the vote on closure or the extension of the “window” to explore other options?

Wendy V

Okay, it’s become clear on next vote. They’re in favour of leader’s amendment to give Chale a 2-month window.

Sally Perry

My reading is that the vote was to have a two month window to explore other options – that was Cllr Pugh’s amendment.


a short reprieve for Chale…but after this massacre ( and pre-planned stunt) I don’t hold out much luck

THIS IS WHAT YOU VOTED FOR FOLKS…so nobody can criticise the council…its our fault

Wendy V

Interesting that Cllr Bingham abstained on the Chale “window” vote. He’s councillor for the neighbouring area.


Well don CW for doing your best…don’t go near any sharp objects tonight


I would like to say well done to Simon and Sal for coverage and well done to Chris for standing up for Ventnor I am just sad the odds were against us.


Totally agree – great job VB and also to Chris Welsford and others who tried their best.


That was long! Well done everyone!


now lets move on and get the job done !!


I think you are right

steve s

‘Haven’t seen such a tour de force, such as the leader’. Did Mazillius REALLY say that. :-)!

adrian nicholas
allowing ‘faith’ schools a place is allowing dogmatism and social division to be made acceptable- that these religeous faith(sic)schools are indoubtedly linked to private economic concerns is indisputable given mainland experiance- however, a secular comprehensive fair system to all children linked to generic and real social inclusion seems to have been missed. Funding- the real underlying issue together with the necessary option B housing targets and developments… Read more »
Wendy V
I notice that representations to the council about the schools competitions and statutory notices are now online. I just looked through the responses to the Carisbrooke competition and NONE of them were in favour of awarding the school to Medina Innovation Trust. I wonder how the council came to the conclusion that it was the best bid when it was so thin compared to the others. The… Read more »
Wendy V

Just took a look at Medina representations and they are for AET rather than the Medina Innovation Trust, too.

steve s

Wendy, Wendy Wendy…whatever gave you the idea that representations counted for ANYTHING in this matter?

Wendy V
Oh, I know, Steve. I got my comments in with literally minutes to spare thinking, Is there any point? Probably not, but if I don’t they’ll think I’m not bothered, and I am bothered… Having said that, I was one of those who objected to Chale’s closure and it has got a 2-month “window” which it wouldn’t have got if no fuss had been made. Even that… Read more »