Fines for careless driving welcomed by Police

Drivers who hog the middle lane of the motorway could face a fine of £100 from today.

Police on motorway

This in from the police, in their own words. Ed

Police in Hampshire have today welcomed changes in the fixed penalty notice system for careless driving offences.

As of today (Friday, August 16), those caught committing careless driving offences such as driving inappropriately in the middle lane of a motorway or driving aggressively such as tailgating face an increased £100 fine and will receive three points on their licence.

Anti-social driving to be tackled
Similar punishments will faced by drivers who perform stunts like handbrake turns as part of a move to tackle anti-social behaviour on the roads.

Acting Chief Inspector Richard Parsons, from the force’s Roads Policing Unit, said:

“Hampshire Constabulary is committed to ensuring the safety of our road users and reducing road casualties across the two counties. We continually work to cut casualties and welcome any changes that will help us do that.

“We apply this law through a mixture of enforcement and education, and we’d rather prevent it from happening in the first place through raising public awareness.

“Careless driving is not a new law, but this change in the fixed penalty notice system is another step towards a less bureaucratic way of dealing with motoring offences and avoiding lengthy court processes, enabling us to make more effective use of our resources.”

Image: West Midlands Police under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 16th August, 2013 10:52am



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  1. Braveheart

    16.Aug.2013 11:31am

    There is not much chance of a third lane being built on the island, especially as Island Roads as yet cannot even master the art of carrying out fundamental resurfacing work.

    So the £100 one saves in not hogging the centre lane can be used towards repairing your vehicle or replacing expensive dentures.

  2. I cant believe that this release doesn’t even mention the increased fines for using a mobile whilst driving. This is a reckless practice endangering other road users and pedestrians alike, yet it’s so commonplace I see people doing it most days.

  3. I don’t think this will change much. It’s quite possible in recent years to drive the entire length of the country and not see a single Police vehicle.

    This is just more Government spin for those who are gullible enough to believe and haven’t noticed that the country has gone completely to rats.

    If the Government were really serious, a fine of £5,000 or a month in prison for using a mobile phone whilst driving, would make the offenders sit up and really take notice, because using a phone whilst driving is just plain crazy and has caused lots of fatal crashes. I saw a lunatic in a small Mercedes a few days ago driving along Lind Street in Ryde, with both hands off the wheel and texting !!!!

  4. retiredhack

    16.Aug.2013 12:26pm

    Two things I don’t like much about this.

    1. “Inappropriately”. It was bad enough when my employer used to try to tell me what was “appropriate” and what wasn’t, because it just meant something they didn’t like and didn’t feel the need to explain why. American-inspired claptrap. Giving the police such powers of discretion, if that’s what’s happened, is most unwelcome.

    2. If you want to drive at 70mph on the motorway, the only safe place to do so at the moment is in the middle lane. If you try to do it in the left-hand lane, you’ll get boxed in behind lorries by idiots doing 90 or 100 in the middle lane. If you try to pull out there’s likely to be an accident. Therefore the police should start by enforcing the national speed limit.

  5. Is not the proper name of the “Middle Lane” Lane 2?

    One might expect traffic cops to know that! :-))

  6. How can you be holding up people in the overtaking lane if you are driving at 70? I try and get back in as quickly as possible,not always the sensible thing to do, but what about lorries that take 10 miles to overtake. Also there should be a getout clause for being behind a Nissan (spit) Micra. Driving one of those at 20mph should be classed as inconsiderate.

  7. Threebagsfullsir

    16.Aug.2013 5:02pm

    What excellent news! I think it’s about time our Police Force was handed more “force”.

    After all, wouldn’t you prefer a quick on the spot fine to a long bureaucractic process? Why not do away with all the silly red tape (only solicitors profit every time), and put that money towards our Police, ie better wages (more Officers), more surveillance equipment and all issued with tasers and guns, etc.

    Engine-revving for fun, pulling a handbrake when clearly not intending to park, misjudging safe distances, choosing what lane to drive in, whatever next?! These criminals should rightly be instantly punished. And, if targeted efficiently, the points system will swiftly remove them completely.

    The message should be that we trust in our Police Force and those who guide them! I, for one, have absolute faith in their superior knowledge what’s good for me. Down with Freedom!

  8. The new spot fines also include pushing in to a queue after overtaking. People entering Newport via Medina Way at Coppins Bridge please note! Although I rarely see police cars there as a previous correspondent has mooted, so no real change I expect.

  9. One of the things this new announcement hasn’t mentioned is that for many a year, even though filtering by a motorcycle is legal, the discrepancy has been, if a car hits you as you filter, who is liable. Now it is 100% the liability of the car driver if they hit a motorcyclist by U turning or pulling out on a bike when they are filtering. About time too!

  10. Don Smith

    16.Aug.2013 8:31pm

    Surely a sign ‘Keep Your Distance’ could be designed to flash when some other ‘D*c* head is tailgating you.

    Time for an American type highway patrol, let the police do their policing. A new style motorway patrol would make the policeman’s lot far easier.

  11. mittromneylovesiow

    17.Aug.2013 2:46pm

    Given the government’s cuts to everything that breathes I believe there’s only one traffic cop on the Island and my are they going to be busy enforcing this new ruling.

    If they haven’t had their overtime cut they are going to have a bumper xmas wage packet. They’ll be able to write fines for:-

    Driving backwards into shop windows.
    Driving anticlockwise around most roundabouts.
    Overtaking queues at lights thinking the cars are parked.
    Catching the numerous people driving the wrong way along one way streets.
    Driving at 20mph on the dual carriageway in the overtaking lane.
    Driving along cycle path 23.
    Driving onto the ferry with the ramp up.
    Driving with an offensive partner.
    Driving at all etc.

    How exactly is our one traffic cop going to have the time to be everywhere?

    • I’m glad your rules weren’t in operation when I first came to the Island, and overtook a row of switched-off parked cars, (so I thought!), in order to take my place as the first in the queue for the Floating Bridge, East Cowes side.

      I think the women in the actual first car were up for a shouting match about it, but then had to swallow their adrenalin when they realised I was a genuine naiive. It probably didn’t help them that I was quite amused by what had inadvertantly happened…

  12. I totally agree with the anti social aspect of this! However, the rest is a farce. Lets face it, the majority of people that drive on motorways use a system.
    1. Slower vehicles or less confident people use the 1st lane
    2. The rest of us dodge between the middle or faster lane.
    The highway code states that these are overtaking lanes, well if you are going faster than the lane that is left of you surely you are overtaking? As for tailgating, if the people in front didn’t drive at 20mph this wouldn’t happen! I see this every day. 50mph sign, the car in front 20mph. Perhaps they should also give out on the spot fines for people that hold up all the traffic!!

  13. threebagsfullsir

    19.Aug.2013 1:04pm

    So ‘tryme’, if I correctly understand you, Sir, then, and to be “fair”, ‘Cicero’ should have written: “…have [‘parking attendants’] issuing parking tickets to motorists stuck in [] tailbacks!”. Yep, as a fellow motorist, I must say that sounds a lot nicer, almost welcoming.

    ‘Ja’, come to “think about it”, they will have to become more ruthless and work ‘schneller’ to be worthy… :)

    • woodworker

      19.Aug.2013 1:35pm

      its rare I agree with Tryme, but I think his point is that comparing anyone with Nazis is quite offensive – and he is right. Issuing a parking ticket isnt even close to killing 6 million Jews.

  14. When Traffic wardens wore caps (do they still?) the peak on the nasty one’s was pulled down sharp Nazi style to intimidate the errant parker. The image still sticks in people minds, so the term Nazi is still used today in that connection only. Nothing at all to do with the holocaust, just their style of dressing. If some of them thought it clever to imitate, then they only have themselves to blame. I notice some of our regiments use the same ploy. Lets call them grenadiers instead. or better still, dearies

  15. greenfiremouse

    20.Aug.2013 9:24pm

    Having just come back from Edinburgh by car, I’d still like to pose the question of how to interpret “middle lane hogging”. Does it include taking several miles to overtake a wildly swerving truck carrying crushed scrap vehicles because you don’t want to infringe the permitted speed limit of 70 miles per hour?
    As far as I am concerned, nobody has ever endangered anybody by “middle lane hogging” in contrast to tailgating, exceeding speed limits, cutting in, weaving, using mobile phones while driving etc….
    So why suddenly homing in on something that is so wishy-washy that anybody and everybody could be accused of “middle lane hogging” and instantly fined £100. Easy money, I should say, and there does not seem a way to dispute it either.
    The most common reason for this offence is usually that it is often almost impossible to get back into middle lane to overtake (or worse: to get into the correct lane at junctions!) because there’s too many blockheads in fast cars who have no intention to let you back in while you’re driving at the correct speed. And guess who may get punished for it?
    I have also seen a lot more “weaving” from the aforementioned blockheads, due to the new legislation. They cut in sharply in front of you to return to middle or outside lane within a second. Now that really is dangerous, and totally unnecessary.
    Taking into account that there aren’t enough Police cars around to clamp down on the genuine issues, my impression is that the only result of this new legislation will be that there is an even larger catalogue of occasional random fines, but not any increased road safety!

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