Missing man from Manchester coach party found on the Isle of Wight

Police have now located the missing man with a coach party from Manchester

Police control operator

Update: 12.39pm
Mr Ramsden has been located. Police thank the public for their help.

Can you help us find a man who has gone missing on the Isle of Wight?

Guy Ramsden, from Manchester, had travelled to the Isle of Wight on a coach trip.

Last seen in Cowes
The 67-year-old was last seen at around 2.30pm yesterday (19th October) on The Parade in Cowes, outside Trinity Landing.

However, he did not return to the coach and he has not been seen or heard from since.

Whilst on the Island, he had been staying at the Bayshore Hotel in Sandown.

Description of missing man
He is described as:

  • White
  • Approximately 6ft tall
  • Stocky build
  • Grey messy hair
  • Grey stubbly beard

Guy was last seen wearing a dark bobble hat covering most of his hair, black rimmed glasses, colourful Bermuda shorts, trainers, a black bomber jacket and gloves.

He was also carrying a rucksack and a black box containing a camera.

Get in touch
Have you seen this man on the Island, or in any of the locations given above?

If you have seen him, please call us on 101, quoting 44200406710.

Dial 999 in the event of an emergency.

Article edit
12.40pm 20 Oct 2020 – Article headline, excerpt updated as man located. Portrait image replaced.

News shared by Hampshire Constabulary. Ed

Image: West Midlands Police under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 20th October, 2020 11:14am


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I sincerely hope that this man is ok and has not met with an accident, but why do people think it’s ok to travel from a high Covid risk area to spend time in a low risk area? People on holiday go out and about far more than those living in that area at the moment. They visit more shops, pubs and restaurants. It only takes one… Read more »

If one infected person Boards a coach in Manchester you can guess the who”e coach will be infected by the time it reaches Southampton


stay at home, jeez Covid Hystericals are so selfish, they want to punish the healthy for not being afraid of something that has a mortality rate no greater than the flu.


Jon – You have been told many times by different people here and on the CP comments pages that there is plenty of proof that Covid is so much more dangerous than flu. Even those who don’t die are often left with long term damage to their hearts, kidneys, lungs and even eyesight. Repeating a lie does not make it the truth.


I suggest people watch the latest uk Column news on the most popular Vid upload site. youtube (dot) com watch?v=-zLTYwIg9YY , and just for clarification from the ad hominem attacks they use factual documents from the government itself.


Ah yes, UK Column News, a site dedicated to conspiracy theories and a very suitable source for the tinfoil hat bunch.


Chris, there’s little point arguing with Jon, he’s one of the tinfoil hat fraternity. He drags up random “proof” of his views, largely from unreliable sites, and posts them here in such a was as to avoid moderation. (i.e he leaves the dot out). His rantings keep on coming though.


now this is a lovely OAP who is not afraid minds (dot) com/newsfeed/1134782326324252672

Steve Goodman
But why shouldn’t people think it’s ok if the government thinks it’s ok for non-elected PM Cummings to travel hundreds of miles with Covid (to a home built without the permission the rest of us are supposed to apply for first, and for which about £50,000 of the council tax the rest of us are required to pay has also been written off)? And because the government… Read more »
Steve Goodman

Cummings provides more content for ignoring the Covid rules on page 34 of the latest Private Eye (1533), and on page 31 for ignoring the tax rules.

Steve Goodman

And today’s news of damaging Dom’s overdue departure will no doubt feature in the next issue…

Steve Goodman

As expected – easy target cover and content (Private Eye 1535)

Coincidentally, the content also includes a “Funny Old World” item on Island holiday makers lost and found.


Steve. I despise Cummings so why would I take him as a template for my behaviour rather than doing what I can to keep myself, my family and other people safe from this disease.