Hovertravel’s technical issues result in 4+ week revised timetable

Hovertravel have had to revert to a revised timetable for the next few weeks as a fault on the Solent Flyer is repaired. There are a number of cancellations to the timetable.

New hovercraft

Hovertravel’s service is currently suspended due to the adverse weather, but when the service resumes there will be a revised timetable.

From Friday 21st September to Monday 12th November 2018 Hovertravel is implementing a revised timetable to be operated by Island Flyer with some cancellations (see below).

Technical problems
Solent Flyer experienced an issue with the ballast transfer system, so she needs to leave Ryde to travel to the sister company, Griffon at Woolston, for remedial work.

This work is estimated to take until early November and Hovertravel will provide an update on progress on Thursday 25th October

Cancelled flights
Monday to Friday Ex Ryde: 0730, 0800, 1600, 1630, 1700, 1730

Monday to Friday Ex Southsea: 0745, 0815, 1615, 1645, 1715, 1745

Re-book with new times
Hovertravel is asking any customers booked on the above services to rebook at a different time. Customers who do not wish to transfer will receive a refund or will be offered prepaid travel with an alternative operator and apology vouchers.

A Revised Timetable Help Desk will be open in our Ryde Terminal between 0700-0900 and again at 1530-1800 in our Southsea Terminal to assist passengers to transfer their bookings and answer enquiries.

All the above information is available on the Hovertravel website https://www.hovertravel.co.uk/timetable/index.php .

Friday, 21st September, 2018 2:42pm


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Hovertravel, we wish you well. We’ll actually miss you when you’re gone. really, genuinely want you to know to work. I just worry that there’s so many news stories about you these days.


Love my autocorrect