If you haven’t been able to get dog and cat food pouches here’s why

The news of the shortage resulted in increased sales of the pouches leading to an even smaller supply

Angry cat

Customers of Sainsbury’s were emailed last night with the news that there’s a national shortage of dog and cat food pouches.

It sounds like it is something that could last for sometime, especially as the news sparked an increase in dog and cat food pouch sales, further reducing supply levels.

Sainsbury’s said,

“We’re working hard to resolve this.

“We think the issue will be ongoing through the year, but we hope to get them back onto shelves as quickly as possible.”

They remind customers that they have plenty of tinned cat and dog food.

Tuesday, 9th March, 2021 9:42am


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Deborah Meaden of ‘Dragons Den’ reported this morning that there has been a 20% price hike in pet food due to Brexit.
Just tell pet owners all is well because we now have unlimited sovereignty to rely on.


Anyone who voted for this omni****clustershambles should be at the back of the queue when there are shortages. No way to know if these were the same people who cleared the shelves of loo roll a year ago.