Independent Network call on Isle of Wight Council to restore funding cuts to education

Cllr Stephens says the “Conservative administration is failing our children once again”, and should replace £87 per pupil per annum funding cuts by better financial management.

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Phil shares this latest news on behalf of the Island Independent Network. Ed

The latest Ofsted Report on Christ the King College shows that despite the current Conservative Council’s promises to see all Island Schools rated good or better by 2021 and at least 25% outstanding, under this administration the standard of education on the Isle of Wight is once again falling.

Under the Independent Administration schools made significant progress across the Island and a firm basis to build and improve Island education was implemented during the years 2013 and 2017.

Two schools no longer ‘Outstanding’ and CtK ‘Inadequate’
However since the 2017 election, when the Conservatives gained power, they have managed to lose two of the outstanding rated schools – now down to one school from three originally rated outstanding and CtK rated as ‘inadequate’.

Their claims are already in tatters and by reducing funding to schools the failures are set to continue.

Reduction in funding
One of the key reasons for this is the approach to reducing funding for schools. It was recently shown that pupils now receive £87 per head less than they did one year ago even though last year it was falsely claimed that funding would increase.

Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Robert Seely sought to claim that funding was rising in May 2018 by quoting a government grant for SEN pupils (special educational needs). However, he failed to state that overall funding was reducing.

This reduction in funding for our schools has now been confirmed by the current administration.

Pupils number rising, while school face cuts
Speaking today, Cllr Ian Stephens, Leader of the Island Independent Network group said:

“We know that pupil numbers are rising and our schools are facing yet further cuts and cost pressures, but the Conservative administration is failing our children once again.

“The previous Conservative administration sent our schools in to special measures and we are again at risk of repeating that failing.

“I believe the Conservatives must immediately replace the funding cuts of £87 per pupil per annum by better financial management and place the education of our children at the forefront of their financial strategies.

“We cannot wait any longer or risk any further damage to our children’s education and safeguarding especially as it seems the conservatives appear more concerned with false publicity seeking claims and pledges rather than addressing standards, staffing levels and educational infrastructure.”

Funding fallen by 8%
The highly-respected Institute for Fiscal Studies found that per-pupil funding had fallen by 8% since 2010, with rising numbers of pupils and budget cuts affecting the figure.

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Wednesday, 10th October, 2018 8:38am



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