Isle of Wight Council bid for £25m to boost one of the Island’s High Streets

Following Portsmouth’s funding bid for two Pompey high streets, OnTheWight asked what Isle of Wight council’s plans were.

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In the Chancellor’s autumn statement last year, he announced the introduction of a ‘Future High Street Fund’. The new fund would release £675m in two rounds, allocating millions to shopping districts across the nation.

‘Places’ have been invited to submit Expressions of Interest by 22 March 2019 for The Future High Street Fund, setting out their challenges and strategic approach to regenerating town centres.

IWC to bid
A spokesperson for the council confirmed to OnTheWight,

“The Isle of Wight Council is submitting one bid (that is all the Island is allowed by the government due to our constituency size).

“We have got excellent stakeholder engagement and support so far for the bid.”

The council’s choice
The council spokesperson went on to confirm,

“The bid area that the Isle of Wight Council has chosen is Newport, and the bid is being prepared and submitted through the Shaping Newport partnership.

“This is a partnership between Newport Parish Council, Newport Business Association and the Isle of Wight Council Regeneration team.”

Assuming the Isle of Wight is successful at stage one, they will been informed by the summer and have until the end of the year to submit their final business case for the cash.

Over the water
Portsmouth City Council is working on two bids for a total of £50m of government funding.

They have chosen Commercial Road and Fratton Road to focus on for £25m each to improve public transport to and from the areas, fill vacant shops, host markets and encourage business diversification.

Image: mdpettitt under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 21st March, 2019 3:39pm



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Email updates?

Newport! Now there’s a surprise. Ventnor can’t even get it’s roads surfaced!

Geoff Brodie

Neither can Newport. But then that is a different matter entirely. Perhaps this decision is because our town has some strong representation at IW Council and Parish Council level, which gave it a head start ?


You have a point Geoff. Ventnor has the totally ineffectual Tory duo of Perks and Peace with DC Dave over in Whitwell not doing much to help either.


Please see above


It would be great to help and support Newport Town Centre.
HMV has been closed for years and now Brighthouse, another huge shop is empty.
Newport’s little shops now are generally lovely hairdressers, barbers, nail bars, charity shops and estate agents.
Mainly things you cannot get done on the internet.


Great news and well done for all the effort the stakeholders and regeneration team have put into this bid.

Let’s hope it’s successful for Newport and then perhaps more bids can be requested from other devolved funds. 👍

Another Perspective

Is the plan to build a tunnel between Carisbrooke and Coppins Bridge, and pedestrianise the High Street?

I really hope everyone can get behind this opportunity to revive the County Town. This money will be positive for the whole island if the bid is successful. There can only be one bid from the island and island towns were invited to submit a bid to the IWC and an independent panel scored these submissions according to the set criteria. Newport, I believe because of it’s… Read more »

Please see above

There is plenty that could be done to improve the High Street area and to encourage shoppers into the town rather than spending on line which is one of the many facts that seem to get ignored. The IWC policy on parking charges does nothing to help the existing situation and the lack of parking within the town could easily be addressed. I would pedestrianise the High… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

Colin. The Parish Council are working towards major improvements to the town centre’s public toilets. Post Office Lane first and then South St. All paid for by Newport & Carisbrooke residents. Without us there would be no toilets at all.

There isn’t a town on the island that wouldn’t benefit from some form of investment so the County Town is the obvious winner but surely Freshwater is the most in need of help? There is however a long way to go between preparing a bid and receiving a grant and, at a national level, the Isle of Wight is, all to often, lumped in with the ‘affluent… Read more »

If this goes to Newport perhaps some of the so called Asda monies (if they exist) could go to grants for the other Island towns not just Ryde.

Another Perspective

I believe high on the agenda for Newport High Street is a revival of men’s outfitters, particularly those specialising in trousers.


This bid was written by the regeneration team member/s …. other towns didn’t get offered this and had to fed for themselves! So basically that team had already decided who was getting it.

I’ve no faith anymore


Not the first time that the Isle of Wight Council in Newport has ignored the needs of Ryde.

Geoff Brodie

What divisive nonsense. I thought you were supposed to be a socialist ? There are very good reasons why Newport was chosen. Not least its willingness to engage with a ‘Shaping’ regeneration project 18 months ago with the IW Council and local business. And because we understood the very real needs of the County town. A project offer Ryde turned its back on.

Another Perspective

Jeez! When are you two going to stop bickering?

Do you want Labour to be totally unelectable on the island?


There is a shaping Ryde document


Agreed …. see above