Isle of Wight council to encourage responsible tourism this half term

Council leader, Councillor Dave Stewart, wants to reassure Islanders that the council and its partners are working together to encourage responsible tourism this Half Term holiday

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“Have fun but #KeepTheIslandSafe” — that’s the message from the Isle of Wight Council with the October half-term fast approaching.

With Hallowe’en and bonfire night also on the horizon, the council is urging everyone to stay safe and help protect themselves and others by continuing to follow government guidance.

At the same time, it is reminding holidaymakers of the Island’s unique visitor charter that asks both visitors and residents to not only enjoy what the Island has to offer, but to protect our environment and respect our ask — #KeepTheIslandSafe

Stewart: “Important we remain vigilant towards our responsibilities”
Council leader, Councillor Dave Stewart, said he wanted to reassure Islanders that the council and its partners were working together to encourage responsible tourism.

He said:

“The October half-term will provide a welcome boost for our tourism and hospitality sector, but it is important we remain vigilant towards our responsibilities of ‘hands-face-space’.

“Our tremendous location for a local holiday break means we can expect a busy couple of weeks. That is good and visitors are welcome, but everyone needs to appreciate why we have a relatively lower rate of infection here and help us to keep it that way. There is no room for complacency.

“Island hospitality businesses are well-prepared and if everyone follows the national guidance we can all enjoy a pleasant half-term on the Island.”

Covid19 Visitor charter July 2020

Bryant: “Really important to prevent the spread of Covid”
Simon Bryant, the council’s director of public health, said,

“We want everyone to enjoy the half-term holiday but we still need to remember to social distance, wash our hands frequently, wear a face covering where required and to keep in line with the Rule of Six guidance.

“All these things are really important to prevent the spread of Covid and to #KeepOurIslandSafe.”

“Myles: Visitors will understand that things are different”
Will Myles, managing director at Visit Isle of Wight, said the local tourism industry was looking forward to a busy October half-term.

He said,

“Attractions are open and there are plenty of events and activities for our visitors to enjoy.

“Visitors will understand that things are different at the moment, they will need to plan ahead, consider pre-booking and continue to keep to the ‘hands-face-space’ message — which the tourism industry and our thousands of visitors were so good at over the summer.

“It’s about a one Island approach and everyone working together for the protection of the community and the benefit of the local economic environment.”

News shared by the Isle of Wight council press office. Ed

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Would local councils please take responsibility by ensuring that public toilets are open for the two weeks of half term and that their hand washing machines are working and sufficient toilet paper and soap are provided.

The government local lockdown strategy will soon become unravelled as people from those areas seek to avoid local lockdowns and have a few days away in areas such as the Island that has little restriction. Wales certainly recognises this possibility. Whilst many people behave responsibly there are clearly many who don’t and couple this with those who are carriers but show no symptoms, then the end result… Read more »
I see that Wales has banned tourists from areas of high infection. The Island should adopt the same principle. Of course, the IOW council does not have the power to enforce this. However, local politicians in the north of the country, of all political parties have united to oppose the lockdown proposals that they consider inappropriate. Time the local council took a stand and actually tried to… Read more »

Stewart, Bryant and Myles have an awful lot to answer for.


Get rid of them their not interested in people that live and work here.

Benny C
I feel for those With unrelated life threatening issues who can’t get the crucial help they need because intensive care beds are full of COVID patients (90% full already in Liverpool) put there by a failure to nail this thing properly, Slow stats are delivering late decision making. We’ve worked that out over the last 6 months. Bringing across folk from next months high risk areas mean… Read more »

I agree with a previous comment about Wales closing it’s borders and I am sure that our MP could put some pressure on the so called government to give special dispensation as they looking at any way to suppress the virus. This is an obvious and simple way
We have a natural boundary called water whereas Wales will have to police ALL roads into the country.


There is no such thing as ‘responsible tourism’ when there are coach loads of tourists from high risk areas visiting the Island!
Coaches from Manchester, Notingham and Edingburugh since this article was released on Friday.
Are they all being allowed to stay on the coaches during the ferry crossings?
Why are are you not discouraging this Dave Stewart, Simon Bryant, Will Myles?

Don’t make me laugh, encourage responsible tourism, the only thing Dave Stewart and his cronies are interested in yet again is tourism and profit compromising residents health and well-being.. “Keep our Island Safe” states the County Press, it will be save our Island from associated risks due to the countless droves of people coming here from all over the country. This is insulting and a scandal. This… Read more »

How can you give a thumbs down, this council and others are gambling with residents lives. It’s wrong to encourage people to come here it’s should be about containment not opening the Island up for profit. Health is more important than money if you don’t have health you don’t have an economy.

How on earth anyone can give a thumbs down is beyond belief, Dave Stewart, Will Myles and co have no interest in our safety only business and money, my message to them is health, safety and well being of residents is a priority above all else and is a god given right. They are a disgrace as well as being morally and legally in breach of our… Read more »

Safety of residents is not a privilege it’s a human right. This Island is being controlled and ruined by business, the masons and a corrupt council.