Isle of Wight cyclists head to Goodwood and Pompey

Russell shares this latest report on behalf of Wightlink-Wight Mountain Cycle Race Team.


Russell shares this latest cycling report. Ed

Goodwood 3rd Cat Race
Wightlink-Wight Mountain CRT riders Jerry Cooper, Kev Foster and Russell Thomson were at Goodwood last Tuesday for the final round of the    Southdown Velo Race series. 

As always the pace was fast from the start with a number of riders attacking off the front of the bunch of around 60 riders. Cooper was deployed  to chase some of the breaks down whilst the team’s plan was to work for Thompson so he could use his speed if it came down to a bunch sprint at the end. 

After 50 minutes of racing the three laps to go board came out and it was decided Cooper and Foster would try and lead Thompson out down the inside into the chicane on the last lap.

Unfortunately, Cooper got caught on the wrong side of the bunch so it was left to Foster deliver Thompson to the front. Thompson reached the Chicane in the lead for the final time but with a fast charging pack on the outside of him he was forced onto the grass, luckily staying upright.

Cooper came through onto the finish straight in the bunch followed by the two other Wightlink-Wight Mountain riders.  

Goodwood 2nd Cat Race
16th July saw Matt Allsopp and Kev Chant head to Goodwood for the E12 race in which would be the last of the year for the Hargroves series.

The race started at the usual fast pace in which there were several attacks in the opening two laps. On lap three a rider would make a move and open a gap to the main bunch, Allsopp and Chant reacted quickly to this and made their move to bridge across to this with two other riders forming a breakaway of five.

Matt Allsopp and Kev Chant

After 30 minutes in the break the pace unfortunately became unsustainable for Allsopp and Chant who drop back into the bunch and got themselves ready for the bunch sprint. Allsopp lead Chant out to fourth place and fifth in the overall series standings. 

Pompey Track 3rd Cat Race
Racing at this weeks Portsmouth omega circuits were Kev Foster and Russell Thomson competing in the 3rd category race. A smaller than usual field of 18 riders took to the Mountbatten centre circuit.

With no dominant team to control the race, the attacks came thick and fast, with both the Wightlink riders working hard to chase them down and keep the bunch together.

Midway through the 35 plus three laps race, two riders managed to gain a slight gap, quick thinking Thomson kicked away from the bunch to join them. The trio seemed to work well for a short time, but were reeled back in to the bunch.

As soon as they were caught, a counter attack came from some of the younger riders in the field and a group of five gained a substantial lead. With only three laps to go, it was clear that the break would not be brought back in time.

Thomson and Foster positioned themselves for the bunch sprint resigned to the fact that sixth place was the best on offer.

The pace ramped up for the last two laps with Thomson at the front of the bunch putting in a huge effort keep the pace high.

Meanwhile Foster was mid bunch seemingly out of contention when suddenly the field thinned allowing him to unleash his sprint. He managed to pass several riders, crossing the line in seventh place, with Thomson finishing in the bunch.

Monday, 22nd July, 2019 8:49am



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