Isle of Wight General Election: List of all candidates now confirmed

Find out who the candidates are and what the deadlines for registering to vote, be that in person or via proxy or postal voting

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The list of candidates for the General Election for the constituency of the Isle of Wight has been published by the council.

The General Election takes place on Thursday 12th December 2019 when polling stations across the Island will be open from 7am to 10pm (see below for deadlines and links to register to vote).

In alphabetical order, those confirmed as standing are as follows:

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Deadlines and more information
The last date to register as an elector and be able to vote in this election is Tuesday 26th November 2019. More information.

Postal Votes: The last date to apply for a postal vote for this election is 5pm on Tuesday 26th November 2019. More information.

Proxy Votes: The last date to apply for a proxy vote for this election is 5pm on Wednesday 4th December 2019. More information.

Find out more information about the 2019 General Election on the council’s Website.

Friday, 15th November, 2019 8:50am



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The opportunity is fast approaching to get rid of the Tory


Three people from major parties who might make a difference and three joke candidates. Poor pickings really.


Please, can somebody explain to me the difference between “Independent” and “Independent Network”. Many thanks!

Phil Jordan
There is a national ‘grouping’ of Independents called the Independent Network. They are also registered as a Political Party. There is an Island Independent Network which is affiliated to the national group by way of a ‘ licensing type’ agreement. The group of Independents at County Hall are the Island Independent group and not associated with the IIN in construct. I have no idea how many, if… Read more »

Many thanks, Phil!

Geoff Brodie

I see Cllr Ian Stephens, former Leader of the IW Council and failed parliamentary candidate himself (lost his deposit in 2015) has nominated Mr Feeney.

I also note elsewhere that Ian has left his former ‘Island Independents’ group at County Hall, which he was leading until very recently, and now sits on his own as ‘Independent Network’.

Well, I’ve received leaflets through my door. Some nice lies to the voting public from the silly woman from the greens. Gross ‘alliance’ with Lib Dem, completely sold out their own ethos to try and gain some clout. Feeney’s disastrous attempt at becoming an MP, have you read some of his comments on social media? Diabolical. We all know, no matter who should win this, it will… Read more »

Based on the results of the last election it is difficult to see much change in the status quo. Had the third placed candidate from last time stood down in favour of Labour it might have been a different story.


No, that would simply have increased the Tory majority. There is a reason why the Tories want Labour to come second, since they know this is their best guarantee of always holding the seat. People who want to see an end to the Conservatives’ current dominance of the seat need to get behind the Green/LibDem candidate.

I sincere appreciate RQ standing but I have to question the wisdom of the local party nominating a candidate with a relatively small public profile and little in the way of a social media presence – politics has generally adapted and modernised in recent years, emphasising the breadth of public reach in a digital world. There’s plenty of local Labour supporters, but surely denying oneself a voice… Read more »

Better to queue up for chips for a discussion than constantly having to cut out the middleman by bypassing Bob Seely and getting directly onto the Tory whips office to find out what his opinion is even before he does!


Completely agree on that Tim!


Got to be better

Geoff Brodie
Essentially the local party allowed Mr Critchley – their unknown candidate last time – to hog all their publicity for the past 30 months and then he bottled out of standing at the last moment when he realised the poor light in which he is now seen after people got to know him. Just go along to a Ryde Town Council meeting and see. Richard Quigley seems… Read more »
Robert Jones
What a bitter, pointless comment – what the Hell has happened to you over these last few years? You seem to revel in making personal digs at people you dislike – and to what end? Julian agonized over his decision, but to stand at this point was not the right thing to do for him or his family, for reasons about which you know absolutely nothing, and… Read more »
Geoff Brodie
The point is to explain to ‘chausettes’ ‘the wisdom of the local (Labour) party nominating a candidate with a relatively small public profile’. You may not like it being explained, but it is the case. The local party has been lead down a garden path by your party Chair for reasons I could explain, but won’t. I look forward to you next offensive response. In the meantime… Read more »

Excellent to see Daryl standing at last someone a true Brexiteer can support