Isle of Wight NHS staff could be punished over flu jabs

All front-line staff have been offered the vaccination, but those who choose not to take up the offer will have to explain their decision to their line manager.

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Medical staff on the Isle of Wight could be disciplined if they do not have their flu jab, health bosses have said.

All front-line staff have been offered the vaccination, but those who choose not to take up the offer will have to explain their decision to their line manager.

If they still opt against having the vaccine, the second week in December they will have to explain their decision again to the nurse director, or medical director.

Chief executive of the trust, Maggie Oldham, said:

“Depending on the outcome of that second meeting, a decision will be made on the appropriateness of that individual remaining in a front-line clinical area over the winter period.”

Other Trusts withhold sick pay
Mrs Oldham said a number of other trusts in the country had discussed withholding sick pay if a staff member chooses to not have the vaccine, and then gets sick from the flu.

She added:

“That’s not something we want to be proposing, I am just making other members aware of how seriously other boards in the country are taking flu vaccination this year.”

Unvaccinated staff could pass on the virus
The NHS Trust said they are expecting all front-line clinical staff who can have the vaccine to have had it by the end of November.

Up to 50 per cent of confirmed influenza infections have no symptoms and in some cases, unvaccinated staff, who are not showing any symptoms, may pass on the virus to vulnerable patients and colleagues.

This year the trust is aiming for a 100 per cent vaccination rate among all front line staff who are eligible.

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Friday, 2nd November, 2018 11:23am



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It should be the individual’s choice whether to have a vaccination or not. Suggesting even the mildest of sanctions for someone refusing to have a needle stuck in their arm is appalling.


Insisting that staff must have a flu jab is bullying. No person should be forced to have a flu jab, and to threaten them with being taken off frontline duty is not only controlling but totally unacceptable.


A very public statement reinforcing the bullying culture some believe is rife across the NHS. If one were to take sick days due to “‘flu'” like illness would the NHS have the resources to test and prove the ‘flu’ would have been protected against by this years vaccination? I think not.

Another Perspective
The Trust has a duty of care to patients, so one can fully understand why they wish all of their frontline staff to receive the flu vaccination, but staff should not be subject to disciplinary action if they refuse. The vaccine does not protect against all variants of flu, and the individual has the right of what, and what not, is put in their body. That said,… Read more »
What I find quite appaling is that not one ‘medical’ expert has pointed out the rather glaring issue with demanding that this jab is not only used, but that a failure to have it might result in the removal of sick pay if it is shown that their particular flu could have been prevented. 3 Years ago I had my usual flu jab, followed by a winter… Read more »
In her introduction to “Notes on Hospitals” in 1863, Florence Nightingale wrote, “It may seem a strange principle to enunciate as a first requirement in a hospital that it should do the sick no harm.” Now, almost 150 years later, we find ourselves faced with the same challenge of ensuring patients a safe environment in which to achieve the best outcomes possible. We certainly don’t want patients… Read more »
Crystal Mighty

People who handle food shouldn’t be forced to wash their hands. What anyone does after using the toilet should be their own personal choice.

There are many interesting and informative YouTube videos about the dangerous chemicals in hand sanitisers, and their effect on the Shatner’s Bassoon. Educate yourselves !

Mark L Francis

Shatner’s Bassoon is a very delicate organ and should only be played by an expert in cake consumption (known as a “Custard Gannet”.)