Isle of Wight school confirm another case of Coronavirus – now a member of staff (updated)

Children who are identified as coming into contact with the affected member of staff are advised to self isolate for eight days

Covid-19 test tube

A member of staff at Christ the King College has been confirmed as having Coronavirus (Covid-19).

A letter (seen by News OnTheWight) was emailed to some parents of children at the school on Monday evening (6.30pm) explaining that their child was identified as coming into contact with the “affected member of staff”.

Self isolation for the pupil
They recommend the child remains at home self isolating until Tuesday 6th October, but say that others members of the household can continue normal activities provided their child does not develop Covid-19 symptoms.

The letter provides a link to Government Website and sets out what parents need to do if their child develops symptoms.

But which one?
However, one parent with two children at the school who received the letter was left confused for sometime as to which child of theirs came into contact with the affected member of staff.

The situation was resolved later in the evening.

Second case
This is the second confirmed case at the school – the first announced last week which resulted in the entire Year 9 group having to self-isolate.

Article edit
8.30am 29th Sep – situation with parent of two children at school clarified

Image: Pixabay under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 29th September, 2020 8:12am



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Rhos yr Alarch

This seems a bit odd, as children in particular are able to remain asymtomatic but still infectious, unless I have misunderstood? Presumably the family concerned could be located anywhere on the Island…

Just come back from Norris’s shop in Niton where I witnessed a woman shopping there with no mask on despite plenty of notices to do so, I asked the young man on the check out “ are you not told to enforce the wearing of masks as it’s a legal requirement” he replied “ we’ve been told not to by management. What chance have you got when… Read more »

You must be management in Norris’s to give a thumbs down, unbelievable. I hope the shop gets caught out and fined for this.


What a world we live in.