Isle of Wight’s biggest General Election hustings: Book your tickets

Tickets are available now for the biggest hustings taking place on the Isle of Wight. Details within


The Isle of Wight’s official – and biggest – hustings will be hosted by Isle of Wight Radio and the Isle of Wight County Press in Cowes on 5th December and we would love you to be there.

Tickets are now available for collection, from both the Isle of Wight County Press (Brannon House, Pyle Street, Newport) and Isle of Wight Radio (Dodnor Park, Newport).

Tickets are free and you can collect a maximum of four per household.

Live studio audience
All six of the Island’s parliamentary candidates have confirmed they will appear on stage at Cowes Enterprise College, to answer questions from the members of a live studio audience.

The Prospective Parliamentary Candidates announced are as follows:

The Isle of Wight Hustings will be broadcast live on Isle of Wight Radio, between 7pm and 9pm on 5th December. The event will also be streamed live on Facebook.

Get involved
There are plenty of ways to get involved…

  • Email a question in advance: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Tweet on the night – use #iwvote2019
  • Comment on Facebook
  • Write a question on the back of your free ticket and hand it in when you arrive

The Isle of Wight Hustings will be at Cowes Enterprise College, Crossfield Avenue, Cowes, between 7pm and 9pm on 5 December. Doors open at 6pm.

Morgan: Promises to be one of the best
Isle of Wight Radio’s Head of News, Lucy Morgan. said,

“Unbelievably, this will be our third hustings in just a few short years and it promises to be one of the best. We have six lively candidates taking your questions. The conversation looks likely to be robust and informative.

“If you’re unsure about who to vote for, we hope it’ll help you decide. If you already know, you’ll be able to see if your chosen candidate meets your expectations.”

Pearce: Looking forward to a lively debate
Isle of Wight County Press’ News Editor, Emily Pearce, said,

“The Isle of Wight County Press and Isle of Wight Radio hustings has become a firm fixture in the Island’s election calendar.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to quiz the candidates and I’m looking forward to a lively debate.”

News shared by Lucy on behalf of Isle of Wight Radio. Ed

Image: israel palacio under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 29th November, 2019 12:23pm



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Jenny Smart

Has Bob Seely sent his sick note yet?

Repost from another site: 2010-2019, in case you missed it… 1,000 sure start centres closed. 780 libraries closed. 700 football pitches closed. Food bank use up 2,400%. Homelessness up 1,000%. Rough sleeping up 1,200%. Bedroom tax caused mass evictions. Evictions are running at record highs. 35% of U.K. kids live in poverty. Student fees up 300%. Student debt has risen 150%. Eradication of EMA (education maintenance allowance).… Read more »
Jenny Smart

That’s quite a list Colin, are you going to ask Bob Seely during the Hustings to respond to it?

Geoff Brodie

Don’t be daft. He wouldn’t be allowed by the biased mainstream local media.

Jenny Smart

Haha, you are do right Geoff, but I thought it would be amusing to ask nevertheless ;-)

iain mckie

Sideshow Bob’s says that he works ‘tirelessly’ for the Island. Then has his leaflet printed in Chandler’s Ford.


He really is a piece of work!

Jenny Smart

Chandler’s Ford? Is that where he’s living now?

Geoff Brodie

The tickets have been available for a week now, so they are clearly not that hot.

iain mckie
The postal votes (which I think number some 16,000) will already have been received and sent back before the hustings thereby reducing the influence of the event. Couple with the fact that 50% of the candidates have zero chance of winning, and out of the other three two have very distant odds of success. The more that this election, nationally and locally, seems a foregone conclusion the… Read more »

Green Party Manifesto: “Legislating to ensure the maximum wage paid to any member of staff in an organisation should not exceed ten times that paid (pro rata) to the lowest paid worker in the same organisation.”

I’d urge readers to have a good think about the implications of crippling policies like this before you vote.


Seems like a jolly good idea

iain mckie

That would kill professional sport in this country.


Ha ha, I’ve done some very basic arithmetic:
10 x minimum wage = approx £160k per year. You don’t get Premier League footballers for that!
So increase the lowest paid club employee instead?
Prem league footballer’s average wage £3.5m p.a.
So the cleaner would earn £350k per year! Fantastic!
Mmmm, might have to increase ticket prices :)

iain mckie
If all the well paid footballers left due to Green inflicted pay cuts, then the clubs would fold as attendances and sponsorship deals plummet putting thousands out of work. Advertising and broadcast companies would suffer, travel companies, clothing outlets, burger vans, taxis, publishers, anyone involved in the construction and maintenance of the stadia, groundskeepers, chefs, medical staff, cleaners, staff in the gift shop, lawyers, accountants, car sales… Read more »

The carnage would also include all the Banking corporations, all major manufacturing, large scale IT industries, all big retail companies. Basically affecting all businesses negatively except, arguably small businesses. What economic genius decided THAT should be in the manifesto.

Stuart George

All these comments are completely irrelevant, including if you vote Green, because the Green Party won’t be forming the next government and so their manifesto won’t apply. I don’t expect them to get more than two MP’s, and they’ll do well to get that many.

iain mckie

But this is also, effectively, the Lib Dem manifesto after the Green stitch up here.


Green Party policy aside.
What kind of structural adjustments would you suggest in order to alleviate the current levels of disparity, and the increasing costs that go with it?
Could you name me any corporate activity that couldn’t be successfully run by a cooperative organisation?