IWC detail ‘misleading comments’ in Coastal Centre survey they banned

IWC list out some of the sections that they say caused them to remove a leaflet by Ventnor Town Council from the library.

Ventnor Coastal Centre

After the report of last night’s Ventnor Town Council (VTC) meeting, where members of the VTC accused the Isle of Wight council of ‘arrogance’ after banning VTC’s Coastal Centre survey from the library, we contacted IW council to find out which parts of the VTC survey they felt were the ‘misleading comments’.

Below is their reply in full – Ed.

As you probably know, the leaflet cannot be displayed at Ventnor Library as it contravenes our leaflets policy in that it is not only inaccurate and misleading, it is also a campaign leaflet which only tells one side of an argument. Furthermore, it contains political overtones which is also unacceptable under the policy.

As regards your specific question, the following aspects are not just misleading but in some cases inarguably incorrect statements from the author. There are other questionable statements in the leaflet but these examples give us most concern.

  • The Green (Salisbury Gardens) has never been considered to be part of this disposal.
  • The commissioning manager for adult and community learning services has declined a request to formally endorse the bid. In the circumstances it is wrong to use his quote and the council’s logo under the headline ‘Strong Support’ The bid is not supported by the Isle of Wight Council.
  • Irrespective of who may have purchased the property historically, it legally passed to and is owned by Isle of Wight Council on behalf of all Island residents and all Island residents have contributed to its maintenance and upkeep. It is wrong to declare ‘It’s Ventnor’s!’ Similarly, it is also wrong to state as fact that any money raised would be spent ‘elsewhere’ of Ventnor. How and where any receipt may be spent is undecided.
  • There is no intention, nor has there ever been, to sell Blackgang Chine car park to Southern Vectis or at less than market value.
  • We have also made it clear any special purchase is based on full market value based on the reports of two independent valuations.
  • Ventnor Town Council’s Business case appears to be predicated on the IW Council gifting them the building and without having agreed the bid with the IW Council before it was submitted. There is no such commitment or likelihood of gifting the property.

Tuesday, 19th February, 2013 6:38pm



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Presumably one will also struggle to find in Ventnor (or any other Island) library the Minutes of David Pugh’s submission to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee for similar reasons of inaccuracy and misleading? If not, why not?

steve s

Categorical confirmation from IWC Comms. that the Green is safe!


Of course the VTS has to have a business case, even before the bid is endorsed the Tories would want this and in fact demanded it. What are they on about with the Community and Family Learning? Did they support it or not? Is some pressure being applied here after the event from the administration? Let’s have the truth, where does it stand now?


IWC is promoting this campaign by trying to suppress it and is generating bad publicity for itself in the process.
Totalitarianism is their last resort: pathetic.
If they were clever I would have more respect for them.


It seems that the IOWC has a dreadful relationship with the Ventnor Town Council. Why is this ? Do other town and parish councils around the Island get similar vitriol from Newport?

sam salt
Yes they do Lardi. To be a member of the club you have to be represented (a) by a councillor other than a Conservative, (b) have a councillor willing to ask awkward questions, (c) have a councillor or resident that has reported leading Councillors to the Standards Board, (d)to have sent requests for FOI. (e) have a differing opinion from the conservative administration, (f) asked telling questions… Read more »
Tom Spragg

Anybody know where this “leaflets policy” is published? Or does Ms Fiore just make it up as she goes along?

Tom The Policy Ventnor Town Councill received on request from IoWC was identified as Version 1 and dated 8/12/05 with no indication of who had approved it. It provides no definition of its subject matter: Leaflets. The section ‘Are there any leaflets which MUST NOT be displayed’ includes the category under which the ban had been applied: ‘Campaigning leaflets expressing opinions which form only one side of… Read more »
Tom Spragg

Thanks for that, David.

Good job the Council employs such a high-flying lawyer to implement its unambiguous policies then. She sure earns her money

sam salt
So David the policy has not bee undated or reviewed for over 7 years. I don’t think that is very good practice. Perhaps the next question is could they supply a list of all their policies and procedures with a review timetable? I suspect there is not one. Most well run council’s have a review policy in place. Perhaps though I have hit the nail on the… Read more »

Interesting to read any covenants, conditions and the like which were linked to the transfer of this property into the care of IoWC.


Salisbury Gardens decision for Judicial Review? I hope someone has obtained a legal opinion on this…

Island Monkey

County Hall treats us all with contempt.

Look at the evidence – preposterous titles for the chosen few councillor’s, directorates instead of departments, higher salaries of course, a huge PR operation but still almost daily incompetence.

Ours is a rotten dictatorial bureacracy. We must change it and remove those who so badly let us down.


We need protection from those we put in place to protect us.


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Juvenal)