Letter: Ferry T&Cs look like they can restrict travel for those travelling when they shouldn’t be

This reader feels the Terms and Conditions for Wightlink Ferries shows that they could stop those travelling that shouldn’t be if they wanted

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This from John Hague, Sandown. Ed

There has been a lot of discussion over a period relating to the ferry companies ability to prevent potential passengers from travelling when they are doing so in contravention of Covid regulations.

The companies have always indicated that it not within their capacity to do this.

However in Wightlink’s General Terms and Conditions there is the following paragraph.:

10. Conduct of passengers
10.1 If, in our reasonable opinion, any passenger appears to: –

10.1.1 be likely to cause discomfort or disturbance to other passengers or to our staff or crew;

or 10.1.2 pose a threat to the safety or security of a sailing, of our premises or of other passengers or our staff or crew;

we may refuse to allow that passenger on board the sailing and require that passenger to vacate our premises.

If that passenger is already aboard a sailing, we may restrict the movements of that passenger while on board the sailing and require that passenger to disembark the sailing as soon as reasonably possible. 10.2

We will not be obliged to waive or refund the cost of your ticket or booking or to reimburse you for any other costs or losses in these circumstances.

It occurs to me that those travelling when they should not be, are likely to be contravening 10.1.1 or 10.1.2  or is that over simplification?

News OnTheWight has asked Wightlink for a response to this suggestion by John and will update once we hear back. Ed

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Monday, 8th February, 2021 8:14am


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Yes I agree. These clauses could have been brought into play when the Isle of Wight was in tier 1. Pretty much everyone on the Island wanted Red Funnel, Wight Link and Hover Travel to refuse people who were travelling from a higher tier to protect the Isle of Wight’s residents. The Isle of Man did precisely this and is now 100% Covid 19 free and not… Read more »

Well said.


I also hold the infamous Test and Trace service responsible for sending mainlanders with Covid symptoms across to the Island to our test centres, and for sending Islanders to mainland test centres – all requiring return journeys by ferry – public transport.


Why would Wightlink want to stop people travelling? They are making an absolute killing with both fares from visitors wanting to escape to the island, and massive government handouts.

The pandemic has been an absolute bonanza for Wightlink shareholders.


Surprise, surprise, Tory toffs in the trough, and to hell with everyone else.

You get what you vote for!


Comparison with the Isle of Man is inappropriate. There is no daily commuter traffic between “the mainland” and the island, and only about 3 ferries a day.


It’s quite shocking that holiday let properties in Bonchurch are occupied today.


Westfield Lodges in Shore Road? If so, that was another Planning issue that the developer managed to get over the IOWC in 2005 I think it was. Holiday lets became long term lets on the not so quiet.